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Stockholm mot Göteborg Release

I’ve finally managed to deliver my song to RouteNote!

On August 10th, the hit song Stockholm mot Göteborg release will appear in a Spotify installation near you!
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Pop blood blisters or leave them?

I keep forgetting. Should I pop blood blisters or should I leave them?

My friend Google has the answer.

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Market research – what do other bloggers do?

Dear diary. I have been writing on my blog for almost one year now. Some of my readers follows me regularly, which is great! I also have a couple of readers each day that finds my site through Google, which is also appreciated. However, the number of readers are rather low and I wonder why. So, it’s time for a market research – what do other bloggers do?

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Midsummer run 2017

The midsummer run is arranged on midsummers eve every year by Axmarby IF. The race is held between the small villages of Gåsholma and Axmarby, which are laid out picturesquely by the shore of the Botnia Sea at the east coast of Sweden. Our participation in the Midsummer run 2017 was our third year in a row, so by now we can call it a tradition.
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Potato chips vs crispbread

Sometimes I get cravings for something to eat when the evening comes. If I have a bag of potato chips lying around in my cupboard it’s easy to fill up a bowl. I try to be a bit more healthy and therefor I have made a switch to crispbread with cheese instead, lately. To be honest, If I have a glass of red wine along with the snacks I almost prefer the crispbread before the chips.

But I’ve realized that I might not be that healthy after all, considering the amount of butter and cheese that I use. What is more healthy? Potato chips vs crispbread?

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Earn money online – Entrepreneur School

Welcome to the second part of my serie From business idea to app. In this episode we will talk about how to earn money online. I will look at some of the different ads services that are available on the market and compare them.

Come along!

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The marathon training continues

Just a short note to prove that my marathon training continues.

This week I have ran 39 km.

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Course in Mixing and Mastering at Studiohuset in Göteborg

This weekend I have taken a Course in Mixing and Mastering at Studiohuset in Göteborg. I have previously attended a course in London where I learnt the basics of Logic, but in that course we never got to the mixing part. In this course I learned all about mixing and mastering music during two days. The first part, the one about mixing, was good. But it was in the second part of the course where we spoke about mastering that I really learned something.

I will need to hire someone to do the mastering for me!

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From business idea to app – Entrepreneur School

Every once in a while you will come up with an idea that is rather good. A business idea for a web page that might just be of interest to other people. Sometimes you have those grand plans that will challenge Facebook. Other times you think of a page that will show all the colors of the rainbow, just for the sake of it.

My problem is that I’m always waiting for that business idea. You know, the one that you complete in 2-3 weeks and then you’re sitting in the shade of a palm tree on some Caribbean island. In one hand, a Piña Colada that an unknown force of nature keeps filled up to the brim, and with the other hand you’re refreshing the bank account on your cell phone and the display is just filling up with digits.

The thing is, that when that great idea arrives I will be totally unprepared. I will not know what to do. That is why I will do a fire drill with you to prepare for that idea. Let’s go through what we need to do to go from business idea to app. Come along!

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Started up my Marathon program

Now the marathon program for the Hella Marathon Nacht in Rostock, Germany on Autust 5th is started. If you want to get in shape for a marathon you are more than welcome to join me in my marathon program. It’s a program that will last for 10 weeks, and the first one is now completed.

This week I have ran 37 kilometers.

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