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Crayfish party hat 2016

We have good friends who invite us to a crayfish party every year. I would almost say that this is the definition of good friends. Someone who invites you to a crayfish party every year.

Every year there is a contest to see who has the finest hat. For obvious reasons, this race has gotten worse over the years and if the hat does not move in a few dimensions, flashes or plays a sound, it is not worth showing.

Whoever wins the hat competition will as sole judge chose the winner the next year. Not only that, he or she will also determine next year’s theme. The invitation to this year’s crayfish party showed up in the mailbox back in February. There was plenty of time to think about how to construct the hat. That did not prevent me from procrastinating the creation of the hat until the very last day before the party.

This year’s theme was “Ernst Kirchsteiger”, a creative Swedish TV personality, adored by women and hated by men, in general.

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Marathon preparation

Oh my God, there is not much time left. All the while there has been so much time before marathon, but now I realize that there are only three weeks left to practice. It’s a bit funny that time is so relative. This takes me back to when I studied in college. I took a course, took it easy, went to class, had a bit of coffee, and every time I reached the day when I was struck by the realization. Cheezus, I will have to write an exam on everything that we’ve been talking about. The test is next week! I have to start studying.

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Vipassana course Dhamma Sobhana (5 of 5) – Summary

This is the final part of my description of my course in Vipassana meditation Ödeshög, Sweden. By this time we have reached the summary of the course.

I think I’ll start with one of those lists of what’s good and what’s bad.

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Vipassana course Dhamma Sobhana (4 of 5) – Theology

I attended a course at Vipassana Meditation Centre Dhamma Sobhana in Ödeshög in Sweden. The course introduction clearly states that there is no religion included in the courses. But is that really true?

(Wikipedia) Theology translates into English from the Greek theologia (θεολογία) which derived from Τheos (Θεός), meaning “God,” and -logia (-λογία), meaning “utterances, sayings, or oracles”. Theology is the critical study of the nature of the divine. It is taught as an academic discipline, typically in universities, seminaries and schools of divinity.

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Vipassana course Dhamma Sobhana Ödeshög (3 of 5) – The course

The time has come to write about what I experienced during the course at Dhamma Sobhana Ödeshög. Of course, this is very individual. My experiences might give you an indication of what you can expect if you were to attend one of those courses.

If we start from the beginning. We enrolled to the course on the Wednesday between 13:00 and 17:00. In that process you were appointed to a bed, but in return  they took your mobile phone, your valuables, books, recording devices and video cameras. The point of that was that you shouldn’t have any objects that distracted from the task at hand. Afterwards they held a short information meeting about the all the rules. When we had made our beds we were given a vegetarian meal in our respective dining room. The men and women were separated from the very beginning. After the food we had our first meditation sitting. Our teacher S N Goenka sang for us (!) in Pali, the language that Buddha used on his time.

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Vipassana Dhamma Sobhana Courses (part 2/5) – The Rules

This is a continuation of my story about when I attended one of the Dhamma Sobhana Courses in Vipassana Meditation. Are you thinking about joining one of the courses? Well you should! But before you even start to think about going to this course, you should be aware that you commit yourself to a couple of rules

First off, you are not allowed to speak. That’s right. During 9 days you are not allowed to utter a single word. Well, that’s not the entire truth. You are not allowed to speak to your co-meditators. If you get a problem with a snake bite or something there is a helper – a guide – that you can speak to at anytime to get help. Besides, you are allowed to ask questions to the teacher at certain times. You are allowed to talk a bit if you want to, but most of the time you are silent.

Beside this “noble silence” there are five base rules that you have to keep to.

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Vipassana course Dhamma Sobhana (part 1/5)

I just returned from a vipassana meditation course at dhamma sobhana meditation centre in Ödeshög, Sweden. My body and soul has been purified. But it took its toll from me. If I had know just how hard this would be, maybe I wouldn’t have gone. However, I am really glad I did.

I realize that this post will be far longer than your average toilet visit, which otherwise is my target time. I will divide the post into five parts so you can read them one at a time.

What can I say about this meditation course? I will start with the details, and then we can continue to my personal experiences.

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Musikprylarna kommer!

Tjo! Nu har jag äntligen tagit ett beslut för vilka studiemonitorer och vilken synth jag ska ha! Jag valde Yamahas HS5-monitorer och kompletterade dem med en subwoofer HS8S. Om jag förstått det jag läst på nätet rätt så är det bra grejer till ett ganska hyfsat pris.

Eftersom jag har tänkt att jag ska använda Native Instruments Komplete-paket till min musik så tänkte jag att det var lika bra att köpa en synth som är integrerad mot den på ett smidigt sätt. Därför valde jag deras S-serie. Min tanke var att deras S88 som är ett fullstort 88-tangenters klaviatur, alltså lika stort som ett vanligt piano, skulle vara en bra lösning för mig eftersom pianot som står nere i källaren bara är lånat. S88 har dessutom vägda tangenter för att ännu mer efterlikna ett piano, vilket tilltalar mig.

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Dags att gå i kloster

Jag har länge varit fascinerad av meditation och jag har till och från försökt närma mig detta ämne på lite olika sätt. Jag har sett någon film, jag har läst någon bok och jag har slagit mig ner på golvet hemma några gånger med avsikten att meditera. Jag är den typen av människa som trivs väldigt bra med att vara ensam då och då och att ha det helt tyst omkring mig. Kombinera detta med ett helt vanligt arbetsliv och ett helt vanligt familjeliv med två helt vanliga busungar och ni inser snart att det blir konflikt med vad jag vill och vad jag upplever. Jag har en tanke om att en liten stunds meditation då och då skulle kunna ta ner mina “lämna mig i fred”-stressnivåer till en ofarlig nivå utan att behöva rymma ut i skogen en heldag.

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Löpa och läppja

Jaha, om man tränar inför ett maraton som går ut på att springa långt samtidigt som man dricker vin, hur lägger man upp träningen? Under våren har jag försökt att springa regelbundet för att få upp vanan, och under sommaren har jag lagt till några längre pass, upp till strax över två mil. Men så var det ju det här med vinet också. Hur kommer kroppen reagera på att springa när man har fått lite i sig?

Under Médoc maraton som jag ska springa i september kommer vi passera runt 50 vingårdar varav 20 bjuder på vin. Jag har sett lite bilder på vätskestationerna och förutom att jag med uppskattning noterar att vinet serveras i riktiga vinglas av glas, så uppskattar jag innehållet i glasen till kanske 5 cl vin.

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