Oh my God, there is not much time left. All the while there has been so much time before marathon, but now I realize that there are only three weeks left to practice. It’s a bit funny that time is so relative. This takes me back to when I studied in college. I took a course, took it easy, went to class, had a bit of coffee, and every time I reached the day when I was struck by the realization. Cheezus, I will have to write an exam on everything that we’ve been talking about. The test is next week! I have to start studying.

Another typical occasion when time is relative is when you’re on a vacation. As an example – you have booked two weeks in the Canary Islands in January. The first day you sit there at a welcome meeting with a sangria, listening to the hosts singing silly songs to make you feel welcome. The next day you explore the beach and you have eons of time ahead of you. The third and the fourth day you’re having a good time, and then – swoosh – you sit on the plane home wondering what happened.


Time flies…

I’m feeling quite prepared for my race. In the spring, I have managed to keep up a fairly regular training. A pair of lengthy colds and my monastery stay during the summer have reduced the total exercise dose, but I still managed to run a bit over 500 km this far during 2016.

How should I use the remaining time before the race? I don’t want to overdo my training, since there is a risk of injuries, but at the same time I want to increase the dose for a while before the race. The fact that I work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and that I have found a good 10 km course at work makes me think that I will run every lunch during those days. On Saturday, I plan to do a little longer runs, somewhere between 15-20 km and on Wednesday and Sunday I will rest.

My son will run the 2 km version of Kretsloppet, which is a race in Borås. On my resting days I will run  with him for a 2 km to prepare him for his race. While we run we will hatch some Pokemon eggs and catch some Pokemons in Pokemon Go. We took the first run yesterday and I think that both him and me were satisified with that. During my runs with my son I will use my FiveFingers shoes to practice a bit on my technique.

The arrangement above results in the table below. If I manage to keep to the plan I will have run to nearly 200 km in three weeks. I hope that I’ll manage to get through the race preparations without injuries and that the schedule isn’t too hard. I’ll stop by the pharmacy today and buy some hand disinfectant for my workplace. I hope that I will stay well for the coming three weeks!

Dag Datum Sträcka (km)
Sunday 21 August 2
Monday 22 August 6
Tuesday 23 August 10
Wednesday 24 August 2
Thursday 25 August 10
Friday 26 August 10
Saturday 27 August 18
Sunday 28 August 2
Monday 29 August 10
Tuesday 30 August 10
Wednesday 31 August 2
Thursday 1 September 10
Friday 2 September 10
Saturday 3 September 18
Sunday 4 September 2
Monday 5 September 10
Tuesday 6 September 10
Wednesday 7 September 2
Thursday 8 September 6
Friday 9 September 2
Saturday 10 September 42.195
SUM 194.195

Edit: Oh no, now I’ve received contraorders from my colleague, who himself previously ran marathons and ultra marathons. He claims that what you do now will not influence the result. He recommends to keep to my plan above during this week and then gradually do less work as we reach the marathon. He recommends that my last long running session should be by this weekend and that I should just run short distances during the following two weeks. On the other hand, I suspect that his short distance is roughly equivalent to my long distance.
Nah, I will probably stick to my plan. Maybe I’ll just run 6 km on the last Tuesday before the race. I will keep an eye on my status.

He also recommended something called Coldzyme to prevent colds. I’ll stop at the pharmacy today and I will naturally return with a full report on this.