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Month: September 2016

The art of choosing a publisher

I had set a target to finish my book today. At this writing, I have done 76% of the final reading, so I may still make that target. At this moment, however, I have been staring into my Word document for two and a half hours and I feel that I need to do something else for a while.

The next item on the to-do list today is to find a publisher. That must be simple?

According to Wikipedia, there are 1000 publishers in Sweden.

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The art of writing a book – part 1

When I started writing my book, I had a lot of questions about how to do it. Those questions never really got answered. I remember I googled around a bit to find information about what to do, but I never found the proper help I was looking for.

That was a couple of years ago and I’ve soon finished writing my first book. I actually still don’t know how to write a book and I guess that’s why there is so little information about it online. I suspect that there are as many ways to write a book as there are writers.

Maybe this is a good time to describe the conception of my book. Perhaps it will help someone. Perhaps I will read this text myself twenty years from now and think: yes, that was how I did it. I’m not saying this is a guide of how to write a book, but I say that this is a guide of how I wrote my book.


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The professional reader’s report

The report from my professional reader has returned from Inger Byström at Skrivarhuset! It’s great fun to read through all of her comments about my book and I’ve already managed to read through some of her comments and rearranged my book a bit.

Among other things, Inger questioned whether it’s really possible to “play air guitar with the guns spinning around the fingers.”

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Medoc Marathon 2016

Do you know someone who has run a marathon? I do! Me and my friend Fredrik just finished our first marathon.

How is it possible to run that far? 42 195 meters. 42 kilometers. What makes you continue to run after the first 10 kilometers? Would it make it easier for you if someone would serve you a glass of wine every two kilometers? – Yes. It helps.

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Medoc marathon 2016 – the bib is collected

Wow, what an adventure. At long last we have managed to get to the start/finish area of the Medoc marathon, in the small village of Pauillac an hour north of Bordeaux. We have collected our starting numbers and we have already tasted the local wine.

This morning I woke up back home in Borås, packed my bags, got beaten by my feverish 9-year-old son in Mario Cart and then went to Landvetter airport in good time before departure.

Once there, I am met by shock statement, if you will excuse the tabloid headline. The plane is delayed. It won’t leave at 11:55 as scheduled, but rather at 13:00. That means we have exactly minus fifteen minutes to change planes in Brussels.

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Woohoo! Now I’m introducing my blog! Only seven years after it became fashionable to do blogging! I am certainly walking in the forefront.

What is this then, you wonder. What is the fool Tomas Heed doing? Well, let me tell you.

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Marathon in two days!

It has been three weeks since I put up my great plan for the last minute training for my first marathon. I had planned to run almost every day – the days I was not running, I would bring my oldest son out and hunt down the Pokemon in the area.

The first day in the schedule, we did just that – we ran out with the Pokemon phone at the ready and threw poke-balls and had a great time, but then he became ill, and after that we have not been running together. Therefore, my 2km days are absent from the list.

Moreover, I had some soreness in the throat every now and then. My greatest fear!

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ColdZyme review

I wrote that I would come back with a review of ColdZyme, and here it is!
I bought two 20ml bottles of ColdZyme at the pharmacy at ~20$ each. My plan was that I would have one bottle at my job and the other one at home.

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