I wrote that I would come back with a review of ColdZyme, and here it is!
I bought two 20ml bottles of ColdZyme at the pharmacy at ~20$ each. My plan was that I would have one bottle at my job and the other one at home.

For those of you who don’t know about Coldzyme, it’s a serum that you may use if you’re going to run a marathon in 10 days and don’t want to catch a cold. According to legend, an Icelandic researcher, Professor Jon Bragi Bjarnason, visited a fish cleaning facility sometime in the 70’s. When he walked around in there he greeted everyone, and he noticed that the hands of all the workers that processed the fishes where smooth and soft. Since the premises were quite cold and wind seeped through the open doors, he asked his guide if they had a lot of sick-days in the factory, but he was told that no-one were ill, ever. Because of this unexpected answer he began to study the environment closer and after some years he reached the conclusion that it was an enzyme in certain cold-adapted marine organisms (that is: the fish) that made the workers healthy.

This enzyme – cod trypsin – is the active agent in ColdZyme.

The bottle with the serum looks a lot like a nasal spray bottle, but the top of the bottle is at an angle towards the side. You take two doses by opening you mouth wide, saying aaah and spraying into the throat. At least I think that is how you do it. According to the instructions, you should open your mouth and spray into the throat, but if you say aaah in the same time the serum will reach further down the throat. The important thing is that you don’t inhale while spraying, since it will reach into the lungs if you do, which leads to immediate coughing.

When you use the spray there is an immediate taste of sugar in the throat. According to the canister, the medication is sugar free, but on the very top of the list of contents is Glycerin, a sweet trivalent alcohol. The question is why there is so much glycerin? In my opinion the serum is too sweet. On the other hand, maybe the sweet taste conceals the taste cod.

What has the serum done with my cold, then? Well, my fear of getting a cold started about a week ago and of course my eldest son got a cold this Monday. I was happy that I had started the Coldzyme treatment a week earlier. According to the data sheet I would have 99% less cold virus in the throat.

Updated virus protection…

On Tuesday my colleagues noted that I was sniffeling and sneezing on my job. I denied the cold and went out running anyway. It went well and I felt quite good, but when I woke up on Wednesday, my throuat was sore.

Today it’s Thursday and I feel a bit better again. I don’t know what is ColdZyme and what is placebo, but my feeling is that the cold just made a short visit to the throat compared to what it usually does. Hopefully I will see no more of the cold than this, and I expect to be able to run again tomorrow.

I will return with another status report, later.