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The professional reader’s report

The report from my professional reader has returned from Inger Byström at Skrivarhuset! It’s great fun to read through all of her comments about my book and I’ve already managed to read through some of her comments and rearranged my book a bit.

Among other things, Inger questioned whether it’s really possible to “play air guitar with the guns spinning around the fingers.”

For those who are not really sure what I’m talking about – let’s start by defining what a professional reader is.

The professional reader’s task is to give a comprehensive report of 1-7 pages of the script. Much like a critic but with a bit more constructive feedback. The professional reader should mark on the strengths, weaknesses of language, narrative technique, credibility, fluency, story, characters, and much more.

I sent a request to four different professional readers that I found online and the choice fell on Inger Byström at Skrivarhuset because she had a good website, a fitting background, sensible pricing and not least a gap in her calendar.

Inger promised me that she would come back to me within three weeks and on this Sunday, exactly three weeks later, my mail box told me I’ve got mail.

What came out of the professional reader’s report? Well, first Inger had put together a four pages long description of the different parts that make up the book, summarized under headings such as Characters, Conformation, Readability and Dialog. I suspect that this is the standard version 1A of a professional reader’s report. Under each of the headlines she had written what I have done well and what I have done badly. Above all, I could work more on readability, apparently.

At the end of the report, there were some points that I need to redesign in my script (an unfinished book is called a script). There were some loose ends that I forgot to tie up, and she told me that an introduction of the book would be nice, to get the reader into the action quicker.

Many good points.


In addition to this report, Inger had written records in the 300-page Word document that constitutes my script. Since Word puts a unique number on each of the comments, I can report from a reliable source that Inger posted a total of 705 comments in the document! Good work!

Many of these comments were layout changes, some of them pure inaccuracies in the script (such as the air guitar mentioned above). In addition, she added a few excited appraising comments, such as “Really well written chapter” and “Great Replica”. That’s nice to read.

Generally speaking, I think I received a very good credential from Inger. That’s probably something she gives to all her customers, but still it makes me very eager to continue! I will update my text based on her advice and then the next step is to submit my manuscript to a publisher. I wonder how it will be received!?

I recommend anyone who writes a book and is almost finished to hire a professional reader – and when you do, Inger is a good choice.

Finally I have to do a little advertising for my book, so let me finish with a quote from the report.

It is a brilliant design. We as readers are following in every move that the characters make. We feel involved, and are in the place where things happen. Really good! […] The research is brilliant!


  1. Har väntat med spänning på denna, ändå sedan du vagt berättade om handlingen för ett par år sedan. Utgår från att den blir ett mästerverk, som får både Tolkien och Jordan att vrida sig i sina gravar av avundsjuka. 🙂

    Utgår för övrigt ifrån att en av huvudkaraktärerna är en småfet, trevlig ung man med humoristiska drag, som kallas Bullen och har en smått manisk dragning till lasersvärd? Annars blir besvikelsen gruvlig och stor. 😉

    • Tomas Heed

      2016-09-16 at 06:57

      Haha! Nästa bok kanske… Han ska ha svart jeansväst, köra Yamaha DT och dofta lätt av halvförbrända kolväten och Fahrenheit.

      • Låter som vi tänker precis likadant, för de där dragen skulle göra (den helt fiktiva) kaaktären ÄNNU mer trovärd. 🙂

        PS. Haha, hur fan kommer du ihåg att jag hade Fahrenheit?!?

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