It has been three weeks since I put up my great plan for the last minute training for my first marathon. I had planned to run almost every day – the days I was not running, I would bring my oldest son out and hunt down the Pokemon in the area.

The first day in the schedule, we did just that – we ran out with the Pokemon phone at the ready and threw poke-balls and had a great time, but then he became ill, and after that we have not been running together. Therefore, my 2km days are absent from the list.

Moreover, I had some soreness in the throat every now and then. My greatest fear!

Now I’m planning for tomorrow. The plane departs just lunch tomorrow and I ought to start packing my bags. I can not decide if I’m healthy or not. It have a strange feeling in my throat and in the stomach, but that may be because I have gurgled Stroh rum with 80% strength alcohol every night this week. It seems to kill bacteria both in the throat and in the stomach.

This is the training table that I put up three weeks ago. I have added the with actual distances that I ran in the rightmost column. I have also taken the liberty to add the route I’ll run on Saturday.

A funny thing to note is that on Saturday the 27 August, I had run almost exactly a marathon in three days. I was pretty tired after 16 km on that day, but I managed to get around. I suspect that I will be at least as worn after 37 km the day after tomorrow, but at least there will be tasting of oysters and champagne!

Otherwise, I missed a 10 km opportunity today when I didn’t run the 6 km that I had originally planned. This is a because of my throat. I don’t know if I’m ill, but I don’t dare to take a chance.

Sunday 21 august 2 2
Monday 22 august 6 6,67
Tuesday 23 august 10 10,27
Wednesday 24 august 2  
Thursday 25 august 10 11,4
Friday 26 august 10 10,17
Saturday 27 august 18 21,11
Sunday 28 august 2  
Monday 29 august 10 8
Tuesday 30 augusti 10 10
Wednesday 31 august 2  
Thursday 1 september 10  
Friday 2 september 10 10,17
Saturday 3 september 18 7
Sunday 4 september 2  
Monday 5 september 10 10,17
Tuesday 6 september 10 10,17
Wednesday 7 september 2  
Thursday 8 september 6  
Friday 9 september 2  
Saturday 10 september 42,195 42,195
    194,195 159,325