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Medoc marathon 2016 – the bib is collected

Wow, what an adventure. At long last we have managed to get to the start/finish area of the Medoc marathon, in the small village of Pauillac an hour north of Bordeaux. We have collected our starting numbers and we have already tasted the local wine.

This morning I woke up back home in Borås, packed my bags, got beaten by my feverish 9-year-old son in Mario Cart and then went to Landvetter airport in good time before departure.

Once there, I am met by shock statement, if you will excuse the tabloid headline. The plane is delayed. It won’t leave at 11:55 as scheduled, but rather at 13:00. That means we have exactly minus fifteen minutes to change planes in Brussels.

We immediately began to brainstorm on our options. If you are driving non-stop it’s a 20 hour drive from Landvetter to Bordeaux. Then we will arrive at 06:00. Not an option.

If we fly down to Brussels and rent a car there there is a 9 hour drive to Bordeax. Then we arrive 23:00. That’s doable, but we need to pick up bib today! That’s not possible. We contacted the secretariat of the competition and was given permission to retrieve it later.

After many ifs and buts, we were seatet on the plane to Brussels. We declared that we were going to Bordeaux and they said that we will get information about connections later.
The plane from Brussels to Bordeaux was due at 14:40 from gate A51. At 14:41 “we docked” at gate A53. Despite the delay, we managed to board the plane on time. Luckily we had not checked in any luggage!

When we arrived at Bordeaux, after a short walk to the airport hotel we checked into the hotel Ibis Budget. Not the nicest hotels I have stayed at, but it certainly works.

After a quick shower we were ready to head to Pauillac. We had reserved a seat in a bus that left from Bordeaux city center at 19:00. We had plenty of time, so we planned to get into town, which is 10 km from the airport hotel, and then sit down somewhere and have a beer while waiting for the bus to arrive.

10 km during rush hour in Bordeaux takes a good hour to drive. The taxi cost 50 €.

We were really late and hade to ran into a Carrefour City and grab a baguette, some salami, cheese, bananas and a bottle of sparkling wine. Then we ran to the bus just before it took off towards Pauillac. In the bus we packed up our feast.

Finmiddag i bussen

The bus drive that would take an hour took almost one and a half. I feel like I have stressed throughout the entired day.

At least we have managed to get our starting numbers. I wonder if it hadn’t been smarter to wait until tomorrow to get the starting number. After all, our delayed flight gave us permission to wait until tomorrow to get our bibs.

Glad Tomas med nummerlapp

Well, they sold local wine at 1.50 € per glass outside the bib distribution center. There were 50 happy henchmen still in the bar when we left at 22 o’clock. I think some of them will be really hung over tomorrow.

Now we’re on the bus back to Bordeaux. In about one hour we will take a taxi for an additional 50 €. Then the bed awaits us and six hours of sleep before the big race tomorrow.

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