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Woohoo! Now I’m introducing my blog! Only seven years after it became fashionable to do blogging! I am certainly walking in the forefront.

What is this then, you wonder. What is the fool Tomas Heed doing? Well, let me tell you.

This blog carries my name and it will be my outward face in my IT initiative. The blog’s subtitle is the Author • Musician • Entrepreneur, and that is exactly what I will write about. Of course there will also be some other stuff in the blog, but the emphasis will be on those three areas.

What do I want to accomplish with this page? Let me go through, point by point, how I imagine it.


I have written a book. It has taken me seven years to build up the story and actually get started. It has taken me one year to actually write the book and I expect that it will take me another year before it reaches a bookstore near you. Because it will. There is no other option.

The book is a work of fiction – a fantasy book that takes place in our world. The story has three main characters – Siam, a Swedish guy who is in his last year of high school. Lee, an American guy, originally from Thailand, who works in a fast food restaurant in a suburb of Los Angeles. The third main character is a girl named Sydney who is a successful young businesswoman whose base is in the night life of London.

After a while the boys begin to do things they weren’t able to do before, while Sydney is courted by a mysterious man. On the last page, it turns out that it was the cook who was the killer and … no wait, that was another book.

The status of the book is that it has been finalized and submitted to a lecturer for a review. I might have received a reply from her, but I will get back with more information about that in a later post.

When I have updated the book after lecturer’s instructions, I will send the book to a publisher. I may publish the book myself, too – an option that becomes more and more common, but I want my first book to be published “for real”

Target for 2017: A contract.


The second topic on my blog will be music. I have always played and sung a lot and I’ve also been interested in music in general. No that is not true. I think music “in general” is quite uninteresting. People always want to categorize music, but I must admit that I have great difficulty to make a distinction between even the most fundamental genres.

Take for example Kee Marcello’s autobiography that I read some years ago. He told me that as grunge came, hard rock died.

Ok, confession time. I do not know the difference between hard rock and grunge. I do not even know what distinguishes rock and pop, extept that the voice of the singer is more whiskey’ish and the guitars have distortion. It must surely be possible to create pop music with distorted guitars and whiskey as well, right?

In my world fall music into two categories. Good music and bad music.

Well, there are many shades of brown. What I have noticed is that much of the music that is played on the radio is quite “cheap” in my opinion, then melodies and arrangements are fairly simple to create. I often think that I should be able to do at least just as well.

Therefore, I have taken a course in music, bought a bunch of stuff and now I will start to make some music.

I have a vision of how this should be done. Let me come back to this later.

Target for 2017: 10’000 plays on Spotify


How do you define an entrepreneur. Let’s ask Wikipedia:

Entrepreneurship has traditionally been defined as the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business, such as a startup company, offering a product, process or service for sale or hire, and the people who do so are called ‘entrepreneurs’.

My definition of an entrepreneur – what I strive for when I choose to call myself an entrepreneur – is someone with a lot of  ideas who is not afraid to realize the ideas. I think that if I start a business every two years with different orientations it will only be a matter of time before I succeed. (We can come back to the definition of success another time)

I started my first company as an IT consultant five years ago. My second “business” is this blog, which I create officially today. In two years, maybe I start my next project, unless this becomes the final one.

I have set targets under the headings above, so I must set a goal here as well. The problem is that I do not know how to quantify the success of a blog. There is a concept called followers. I do not know 100% what that means, but maybe I set my goals a bit high here?

Target for 2017: 10’000 followers of my blog


Three defined legs to stand on, three fairly hard goals, 15 short months. How can I realize this, someone might wonder. To begin with, I have decreased my working hours to 80%, so right now I’m working full time on this project one day a week – on Wednesdays. Monday is already my book writing day when I work with the book a few hours after work. It will probably also be some work in the evenings and weekends. I guess that there will be no vacation  from this, but I firmly believe that this is what I want to do right now, so the workload feels manageable.

Wish me luck!

Ah, I also have an official Facebook page. Like and share, and all that. You probably know better than I what to do!


  1. En följare här! Heja på och lycka till med allt!

  2. Lycka till!!

  3. Oskar Smedendahl

    2016-09-09 at 21:05

    Hej hopp, jag har ju beställt ett signerat ex av boken, men väntar fortfarande på leveransen (som måste bli personlig och du får ta bussen hem !)

  4. Turknuttan

    2016-09-09 at 21:48

    Och här är en till! Kram!

  5. Turknuttan

    2016-09-09 at 21:52

    Och här är en till. Kram!

  6. Heja munken!

  7. Före detta chefen

    2016-09-09 at 22:41

    En följare till! Lycka till med alla 3! En vet jag du är duktig på. Låt oss se och höra de andra 🙂

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