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Month: October 2016

My life is a pair of underpants

I own a pair of dinosaur underpants. They are in the color of gray melange with a bunch of green T-Rexes roaring and they were once part of a three-pack of underwear that I bought.

The first time they got washed they got mixed up with the kid’s underwear for obvious reasons, and so they went into the dryer on the cupboard dry extra program.

To summarize this garment, it’s some really ugly underwear with bad elastic. Now, you might be thinking that I never wear these underpants? Nothing could be more wrong.

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Anyone for English?!

According to Wikipedia there are around 11 million people around the world who speaks Swedish.

That is not enough.

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I’m done!

My friends! I’ve written a book!

Now I surely must be allowed to say it? I’ve written a book! Will it be released or not? Who cares! Today I want to celebrate, because I’ve written a book!

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Fakir trip to Germany

Every now and then a bottle of wine is opened in the Heed residence. And sometimes a cool beer is enjoyed when a labourous task has been completed.

The quantities are not great enough to ruin us, but if you peek at the prices at the Swedish wine monopoly, Systembolaget, it may seem a bit steep to pay up 2-300 SEK for a 3L bag-in-box of red wine. In these situations you start to look for alternatives. During my student years I made some vain attempts to ferment my own wine using old rotten fruit in the basement, but despite the high alcohol levels it honestly didn’t make anyone happy.

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