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Anyone for English?!

According to Wikipedia there are around 11 million people around the world who speaks Swedish.

That is not enough.


If I’m going to reach out to more people I’m required to become international. The language with the most native speakers in the world is Mandarin, or Chinese, which 955 million people uses as their mother tongue. I must admit that my Chinese is a bit flawed. In the second place on the list of the biggest languages in the world is actually Spanish, in which 400 million people are native speakers.
My Spanish is certainly better than my Chinese, but I am still inclined to ogle at the third spot on the list. Third is English, which 360 million people uses as their mother tongue.

Looking at how many people that can handle certain languages at all (I wonder how this is judged), there is a total of 765 million people English speakers in the world, and in that list English is suddenly in second place between the Chinese language (which 1.2 billion people speaks) and Spanish (466 million). All this according to the swedish magazine Illustrerad Vetenskap (2016).

So, I’ve decided to make my blog available in multiple languages. That will require me to work a bit more because I will need to run the entire text through Google Translate when I’m done. Then I need to read through the text to avoid the strangest translation errors. I guess that is the price I have to pay to increase the potential audience by nearly 7,000 percent.



In the days to come I will try to translate all my existing blog posts to English so that my site is consistent. I honestly do not know what will happen to those who have subscribed to my posts. Maybe it will look a little strange for a while. My hope is that I will be able to create two different mailing lists based on language. Anyone who wants to see the site in Swedish can use and those who prefer English can use

For those who are interested in the underlying mechanisms, I use a WordPress plugin called qTranslate-X.

I really hope I will be able to bend to my will. Then only negative criticism I can find about this plugin is that it is awfully difficult to uninstall.


  1. Låkking fårvard tou gätting tou knåo dä internaschional Mr T.
    Gogel transläjt får da ouin. 🙂

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