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I’m done!

My friends! I’ve written a book!

Now I surely must be allowed to say it? I’ve written a book! Will it be released or not? Who cares! Today I want to celebrate, because I’ve written a book!

I just read through the last few pages, set a title for each of the 44 chapters and then I mailed my book to the publishers that I selected last week!

At this point I will let my writing carreer rest for two months and eagerly look forward to getting answers from the publishers. During this time, I will focus a bit more on the music. That will also be exciting!

How do you submit the manuscript to a publisher? Four out of five of the publishers that I had picked out wanted my script by email.

I sent each of them a copy of the Word file that I have worked with for over a year to their email addresses. Along with this attachment I also wrote down a few lines about the storyline of the book and what I expected of our cooperation, as well as how I viewed my future as a writer.

One of the publishers, Bergh Publishing, oddly wanted the script submitted on paper. My printer had to work hard in my basement to print those 302 pages, and I will soon go to the local tobacco store to buy stamps. My script weighs in at 1.7 kg so postage will cost me about 65 SEK. What a heavy reading. LOL

Three of the publishers sent me an automatically generated response when they received my manuscript. This is my translation of them:


This is an automated receipt from the script department of the Opal AB publisher.

Thank you for submitting your script to us. We read all the scripts in the order that we receive them and we will get back with a response within two to three months. If we have a lot of work to do it may take some more time, but everybody will get a response.

Kind regards
The editors at Opal


Thank you for the confidence to read your script!
We will get back to you as soon as we have read it.
Warm regards Ulrika Slottner, Idus publishing



This is an automated confirmation that we have received your mail.

We will read your script in our script group as soon as possible.

Since we receive a lot of scripts we will not have the possibility to get back to you with an answer,
except for those who we are interested in possibly proceed with.

Many thanks for chosing us to read your script!

All good,
The script group of B. Wahlströms

Wahlströms apparently won’t even tell me if they don’t want to publish the book. I wonder how many scripts they receive each day !?

Well, I guess it’s time to put the champagne on ice and keep my fingers crossed!

Although I know that much work remains if I would be accepted by a publisher, it’ s with a smile on my face I write this.

I’m done!



  1. WoOoOOOt!!! Och Wheeeeee!
    Vet inte vilket utrop som passar bäst – men feg som jag är så garderar jag mig, och slänger dessutom in ett …FETT!!! – så här på slutet så att även din yngre publik förstår att jag uttrycker min respekt och lycka för dina framsteg. 🙂

    Måste kännas både skönt (och tomt?) nu när skrivandet är över? Men gissar att det mestadels är en skön känsla att – på riktigt – sätta punkt för skrivandet. Åtminstone just nu. 🙂

    Nu håller vi tummarna och väntar på att samtliga återkommer med positiva besked. Och det gör de nog om de förstår sitt eget bästa! 🙂

    Din ciceron och ledstjärna i livet
    Blackvest – son of Jonah

    (son of Johan borde det ju varit, men Jonah lät både mer bibliskt och episkt) 🙂

  2. Grattis! Håller tummarna!

  3. Jessica Widehill

    2016-10-06 at 20:29

    Hatten av!
    Bara att du har behållt fokus på samma bokidé ett helt år. Jag hoppas på att få läsa boken en dag.
    Kram och lycka till.

    PS. Astrid Lindgren blev refuserad flera gångar innan hon blev utgiven.

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