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Month: November 2016

DIY Christmas calendar with a case of beer cans

Every year I give my children a Christmas calendar. I buy 24 small toys and wrap them in Christmas paper before I hang them up in a fabric Christmas tree calendar which has been passed down for generations through my family. Last year I threw it out in anger on the 3rd of December.

On the third day of the Christmas calendar, my youngest son received a pink Super Mario 1up mushroom plush and started crying. Wrong color. My eldest son got a Waluigi, but since he had expected another Super Mario Character, he started crying. I almost started crying too, since I had failed so miserably in raising my children.

This year I won’t cry. I have created my own Christmas calendar from a case of beer cans. Let me show you how!


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All roads leads to Rome

Every year in the end of November, me and my wife leave the city for a weekend in the sun, just the two of us. We use the time to plan for the year in front of us, syncronize ourselves about our work, our home, our children and just have a good time together in the sun. We call this trip the annual Kick-Off.

This year we headed for Rome, Italy, and the only reason for this was that this was the destination with the best flight schedule with Norwegian Air, where we had a lot of air miles.

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Autumn, candy, cold and sciatic nerve pain

I have a theory. Let me start with the facts:

  1. Every year the summer ends abruptly in October.
  2. When summer ends, the days get shorter.
  3. When the days get shorter it gets dark earlier.
  4. When it gets dark earlier I become depressed.
  5. When I get depressed, I eat more candy.

So far, there’s nothing strange in my reasoning, but here are a couple of more facts.

  1. Every autumn I get a cold  which lasts for a long time.
  2. Every autumn I get a sciatica nerve pain caused by my herniated disk.

Now for my theory: Could my cold and my sciatica pain be caused by my increased sugar intake in the fall?

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Kenya day 7 – The escape from Kibera

Now we have reached the final post about our Kenya trip. I’m sitting at Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi. I’m looking back on a holiday week which I think has been more full of experiences than any week before. I wonder if I can summarize what I’ve experienced in Nairobi, but first let me tell you what we have done today.

Today I experienced my first ever panic attack.
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Kenya day 6 – Kenyatta International Convention Centre

Today we had a very quiet day in Nairobi. We have been on a helipad at the top of a skyscraper and looked out across Nairobi. Then we shopped some souvenirs, laid by the pool and last but not least, we we went to a sushi restaurant.

Yesterday’s blog post about the safari trip was the longest one from the trip and this will probably be the shortest.

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Kenya day 5 – Nairobi National Park

Another day full of impressions. Today we have been to the Nairobi National Park and among other things seen lions, baboons, crocodiles and a whole lot of zebras. After this we visited Steve, one of the drivers who have taken us wherever we’ve wanted all week, and we had a cooking class at his place where we cooked traditional Kenyan food.

Over an open fire.

In their living room.
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Kenya day 4 – Marula, Elephant orphanage, Kazuri och giraffe center

I don’t know how many things you can experience in one day! This Thursday we have been in a factory that makes sculptures out of old flip-flops, a park for orphaned elephants, a factory that produces beads and a giraffe park. The other half of the group crowned the day with a tour to a crocodile park, but me, I was saturated with impressions and I’m currently having a cold beer by a cold pool with half an eye on my swimming children.
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Kenya day 3 – Kibera slum and oloo school

Kibera is Nairobi’s largest slum, and also the largest urban slum in the entire Africa. Official sources claims that 170’000 people are living here, but the actual number is probably closer to one or even two million people according to wikipedia.

The majority of the people in Kibera are living in extreme poverty, meaning they earn less than one US dollar a day. HIV and other diseaeses are common and the average life expectancy in the area is only 30 years, compared with 50 for Kenya in general. Amidst all this there is a school – Oloo children’s center – which houses 280 children of different ages on a surface that is not much bigger than the one floor of our house back home. Jessica, our trip arranger, has taken this school under her wing and today she showed us around in the slums and in the school.
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Kenya day 2 – Crescent Island

Today we have been to Crescent Island. Anyone you talk to wants to tell you that the movie “Out of Africa” was filmed here. I have not seen the film myself so I do not know what that means, but it was awesome to get to see the animals so close.
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Kenya day 1 – Raha Kids

We started the day in Sweden at 05:10 AM. At least we hoped that we did. The daylight savings time was restored during the night which meant that we were terrified when we got in the car and the clock showed 6:10 AM. We knew we had an half an hour drive to Landvetter Airport and that the plane was departing at 06:40 AM.
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