Every year in the end of November, me and my wife leave the city for a weekend in the sun, just the two of us. We use the time to plan for the year in front of us, syncronize ourselves about our work, our home, our children and just have a good time together in the sun. We call this trip the annual Kick-Off.

This year we headed for Rome, Italy, and the only reason for this was that this was the destination with the best flight schedule with Norwegian Air, where we had a lot of air miles.

Rome is an ancient city. According to legend, Rome was founded the 21st of April 753 BC by Romulus, one of the two brothers Romulus and Remus. They were brought up by a she-wolf. The city was the capital of the Roman empire that was the greatest player of the antiques, that is from 800 BC to 500 AD. Julius Caesar held the roman throne from 60 BC until his death in 44 BC, but it was only during the last three years of his life that he kept the dictatorial supreme rule.

That’s enough of history, for now

The Hotel – Casa Montani

We stayed at an hotel named Casa Montani, a short walk north of the Spanish steps. It was a nice hotel with a very anonymous entrance. It seemed like we entered an ordinary apartment house. When the elevator had brought us up to the third floor we finally found the hotels reception. The rooms were quite big, modern and clean, but there were no glasses in the mini-bar.

Breakfast was ordered by ticking boxes on a list of yoghurt, bread, coffee and other stuff. When we woke up in the morning we called the reception and a moment later they came down with a small trolley with what we had ordered.

Breakfast at Casa Montani, Rome

The Vatican

The first day we went on a tour of the Vatican. St Peter’s church was big and grand and we chose to pay a small fee to climb up into the dome. The higher we got, the narrower and steeper the stairs became. After a while we reached the top and were rewarded with a nice view of the eternal city.

St Peter's Church, Rome

View from St Peters Church in Rome

After a short visit inside the church we had some lunch before heading for the Vatican Museum. The target was to look inside the Sistine Chapel, or more specifically the famous Michelangelo painted ceiling with the finger. To reach the chapel yowu had to stroll through the entire museum.

Painted ceiling by Michellangelo in the Sistene Chapel
When we got out, darkness had fell upon us. We took another stroll past St Peter’s to see it in the dark before heading home for dinner and sleep.

St Peter's Church in Rome by nightColosseum

The next day we headed for Colosseum and the ancient ruins that surrounded it. It was really nice to walk around inside the old building, which fitted 50’000 visitors back in the days. Under the sand filled wooden floor were a catacomb like basement where slaves, gladiators and wild beasts walked around before the fights.

Inside Colosseum, Rome
Outside Colosseum, Rome
We walked around, pondering about where Ceasar was seated during the gladiator shows. Then an allknowing friend told us that Colosseum was built more than a 100 years after his death. Imagine how wrong one can be, when your source of historical information are old Asterix albums.

Asterix and Caesar in Colosseum, Rome
So, we liked Rome a lot. It is a nice city filled with old buildings and ancient stuff. We really felt the tide of history passing through us when we walked around in the at times really narrow roads.

By the way, I complained that the beer was very expensive at one of the squares of the city. $17 for a glass! My wife told me to quit whining, since the glass contained one liter.