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Kenya day 1 – Raha Kids

We started the day in Sweden at 05:10 AM. At least we hoped that we did. The daylight savings time was restored during the night which meant that we were terrified when we got in the car and the clock showed 6:10 AM. We knew we had an half an hour drive to Landvetter Airport and that the plane was departing at 06:40 AM.

The iPhone’s automatic winter time adjustment had not deceived us, and we happily checked in our luggage at Landvetter Airport.

The first route to Frankfurt was completed in just over an hour, and after a small but expensive airport breakfast we were seated on a bit bigger plane that took us to Nairobi. The legroom was slightly more generous on this plane, compared with for example Ryanair and there was an open bar on the ride down. We also had an integrated display in the back of the chair in front of us that showed new films accompanied to the gin and tonic which was regularly brought in from the front of the cabin.

After seven and a half hours we landed in Nairobi, and then we made our way through passport control with our printed e-visa. Then we were picked up by Jessica and her gang who drove us to the apartment on Gemina Courts Apartments.

In what seemed like the wee hours (the clock was approximately 21:00), the girls went through the plans for the morning, but I and the boys (7 and 9 years) went to bed and slept.
The following morning the reveille was sounded at 08:00 AM and we got to enjoy a nice breakfast before we set off to Raha Kids House, a combined orphanage and school that is a few steps away from the apartment.

It is Nairobi’s first Coptic church that has been converted into an orphanage run by the American woman called Demiana. There were 30-40 children aged 5-15 years who met us with some songs, theater and acrobatic performances. While we looked at this, we got to enjoy some sort of fried bread with sugar and cinnamon and a cup of tea.

The kids did great and kept the whole theater going by themselves and sang their songs without any adult helping them. They had transformed plastic containers of various sizes to a set of drums that they used to keep the beat of the music.

After this we joined their gymnastics class that was a nice show of organized play. We who came from Sweden were allowed to join in and had a running contest with the kids and the adults at the orphanage. It was fun.

When I ran I focused too much in an inner curve and went over and got a wound on the leg and a tear in one of the two pair of shorts that I brought here. Oops.

The funny thing about the place was that around all the kids there were a lot of animals running around freely. Goats, chickens, a turkey and dogs were running around our feet. When my children went to the toilet, they came back quickly and told us that there was a goat in there. It was interesting to see how the orphanage children were living, and they seemed to think it was fun to be visited by us.

When we got back, we got a combined lunch and dinner at a Kenyan restaurant and then we hung by the swimming pool for a while.


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  1. Black Vest - Son of Jonah

    2016-11-02 at 20:51


    Vad gör ni i Kenya???
    Och varför vet inte jag att ni skulle dit???
    Hela huvudet ekar av frågor – men som tur är såg jag att det fanns två inlägg till med liknande överskrift… Jag söker mina svar där så länge, och hoppas snart få ta del av planen och rationalen bakom denna ovanliga resa! 🙂

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