Today we had a very quiet day in Nairobi. We have been on a helipad at the top of a skyscraper and looked out across Nairobi. Then we shopped some souvenirs, laid by the pool and last but not least, we we went to a sushi restaurant.

Yesterday’s blog post about the safari trip was the longest one from the trip and this will probably be the shortest.

Day 1Yesterday

We started the day with a bus tour with a local bus, a big bus this time, into central Nairobi. A short walk later we arrived at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), a 28-storey building located at City Square in the middle of Nairobi. If you pay a fee to go up to the top floor you can climp the two stairs up to the helicopter pad on the roof.

From here you could see the whole Nairobi, including Nairobi National Park where we went on our safari yesterday. We stayed here for a while and photographed ourselves and the city that spread out below us before we went down again for a short shopping trip.

Nairobi is Kenya’s capital for those who did not know, and the city center accommodates 3.2 million people in an area that is just over twice the size of Stockholm. This makes the population density about the same for Nairobi and Stockholm.

Nairobi (National Geographics)


Nairobi was founded as recently as 1899 by the British who seized the country. The fact that it was the British who took Kenya instead of the German African colony who also fought for it means that people speak English down here.

Kenya has 42 different tribes, each with their own language, and when the children grow up they first learn their tribe’s language. When they start school at the age of six they begin to learn Swahili and English.

Enough about that. After we shopped our small souvenirs we had lunch at the Thorn Tree Café. They had a picture of Queen Elizabeth outside the Hotel where they were having lunch a couple of days before her father died. So it was actually in Nairobi where she became the queen of England.

Queen Elizabeth outside the restaurant where we had lunch 64 years later. (Wikipedia)


Well, that was all about that day. After a brief dip in the pool, we had dinner at a sushi restaurant. A relatively calm day, in other words.