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Month: December 2016

Lecture with Peter Åstedt from Musichelp

Today I attended a lecture with Peter Åstedt who is an artist developer at Musichelp. I found out about the lecture just yesterday when I passed by “Brygghuset” in Borås. Brygghuset is a building that is available for young people in the city who needs a location for cultural gatherings like band practice, dancing or lectures. In their window, they had a big post of the event today. I walked into the building and asked them about the lecture and it was free and open for everyone.

The lecture took place today between 1 PM and 5 PM.
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Music Thursday – The start of STHLM vs GBG

New day, new rules. This is my first blog post that is written on my new MacBook Pro. I have been using Windows for the last 30 years – this will will be interesting. If you read this, I have succeeded.

This week my job situation made it better for me to work at home on the Thursday. I have spent this music Thursday creating the embryo of my first hit. It is called Stockholm vs Gothenburg, or STHLM vs GBG in short. Remember where you saw it first!

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My MacBook Pro music computer just arrived!

I’m all out of excuses. I have invested in a good synthesizer, the latest software and good studio monitors. Today the last piece of the puzzle was delivered to my front door by UPS. A brand new music computer – a MacBook Pro with a pre installed Logic Pro X.

This kind of equipment has never been available for a semi-serious home musician as myself before. If the end result of my productions sounds like crap, I know which component is failing. That’s me.

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