I’m all out of excuses. I have invested in a good synthesizer, the latest software and good studio monitors. Today the last piece of the puzzle was delivered to my front door by UPS. A brand new music computer – a MacBook Pro with a pre installed Logic Pro X.

This kind of equipment has never been available for a semi-serious home musician as myself before. If the end result of my productions sounds like crap, I know which component is failing. That’s me.

My initial plan was to be completely set up with my blog when the computer arrived, to make it possible for me to work full time with my music. Unfortunately, about 15 posts of the blog are still only available in Swedish. I’m sorry about that. Otherwise, I think my blog is ready for my plans.

Information for blog nerds

I started using only one installation of WordPress which both my sites, tomasheed.se and tomasheed.com were using. I used the plugin qTranslate X to keep the languages apart and I used qTranslate slug to generate SEO friendly URL’s. It worked quite well, but I had a big problem with my RSS feeds that where only broadcast in English. I spent a couple of hours to look through the PHP-scripts of my site and I realized that qTranslate X redirected the request from tomasheed.se to tomasheed.com, since the .com address was the default one.

Then I also realized that a lot of the other plugins available on the market were not compatible with qTranslate X. For example, most (maybe all) of the cache plugins that makes the site response time faster were incompatible. Because of this, I chose to uninstall qTranslate X.

In my new solution, I have two different Worpress installation on my web hotel. One for tomasheed.se and one for tomasheed.com. The only con with this solution is that I have to upload my images twice. On the other hand, everything else is running smoothly out-of-the-box.

Information for music nerds

So, let me tell you about my computer. I ordered my brand new MacBook Pro online, almost the same day that it was released about one month ago. The delivery prognosis was set for tomorrow, the 8th of december. Yesterday I received a text message from Apple (my translation).

Apple Store: Today is the day.
Articles in the order 123456789 should be delivered today.
Click here for more information.

What is that supposed to mean? Should be delivered? Either it’s delivered, or it’s not delivered. I can’t leave work and sit down to wait for stuff that might be delivered.

At 15:24 I received a phone call from an unknown number, which I was not able to take at the moment. When I got home from work I had a note from UPS that they had tried to deliver my package but couldn’t reach me. Today, they could though! at 14:40, the package arrived.

MacBook Pro

Now I will just connect my computer to the rest of my equipment. Then I will create music.

Komplete S61 and Yamaha HS5 studio

I have a vision about what I will create, and I think that it will be more concrete within some months. The first thing I will do is a song that came to me when I was at the monastery this summer. It will be called Stockholm vs Gothenburg, or maybe STHLM vs GBG. I will do it in Swedish first, and then we will se about an English translation later. I will provide more information about this future hit song in the coming weeks.

Well, I have to go now. I have a computer to unpack!