New day, new rules. This is my first blog post that is written on my new MacBook Pro. I have been using Windows for the last 30 years – this will will be interesting. If you read this, I have succeeded.

This week my job situation made it better for me to work at home on the Thursday. I have spent this music Thursday creating the embryo of my first hit. It is called Stockholm vs Gothenburg, or STHLM vs GBG in short. Remember where you saw it first!

Home studio


The song came to me during my meditation course this summer. The first thing that came to me was the title. Stockholm vs Gothenburg. This came into my mind: I am very fortunate that live in a country where there is peace. I thought about how life would be if there was a war in Sweden. What would happen if there was a civil war in Sweden? What should the war be about and what fractions would fight?

It might be Stockholm against Gothenburg, right? What would the war be about? A cause, or raw material? Maybe the first battle would stand at the silver mine at Sala? Both fractions would dig in and then the shots would fly through the air.

I also realised that this would be a nice soccer anthem. If the lyrics are a bit ambiguous the shots would fly through the air at the soccer field or at the hockey rink as well.

The song

So, the song should be rather quick and since it’s a war song I will steal the drums from the Iron Maiden song Run to the hills. I want a bit of retro feeling in the refrain which I will take from the synth in the old -90’s hit Think about the way with Ice Mc. How can it fail? Finally, I will use the annoying sound from Bruno Mars Locked out of heaven. You know the rhythmical  sound that appears at the start of the refrain and keeps on with increasing amplitude to the very end.

My original plan was to add an instructional video in this post. I wanted to show how to create the Run to the hills drums, but so far I have not reached perfection. Maybe I will come back with it another day.


I have created the foundation of the song today. I have added the chords and some drums. The next step is to burn a CD with the song and put it in my car stereo. Then I will have some time on the way to and from my work every day to think about the lyrics. Of course, the song will appear here in short. The first version will be in Swedish.