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Month: January 2017

The LED light 30000 hour hoax

Last summer I bought some facade lights for my home, so called up-down lights. I mounted two of them on my garage and two more on my house. The result was nice. I didn’t want to change the light bulbs all the time, so I decided to buy LED lights. I was convinced by this by the information text that accompanied the lights. LED bulbs – life time approximately 30’000 hours.

Well, I do have to admit. I didn’t buy the fancy ones. I bought them on Harald Nyborg, a cheap danish DIY store located in our town. Maybe I have to suit myself for buying my bulbs in a cheap store. For some reason you can not expect a cheap store to deliver what the promise, right? One annoying fact remains, though.

One and a half year later, four out of eight bulbs are broken.


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World Cup Cross Country Ulricehamn

Every year as december arrives I disappoint my children. That marks the start of the cross country world cup. This means that almost every Saturday and Sunday we have to watch TV between 10:00 and 15:00. Besides, this goes on and on until mid March.

Just to be clear – between March and December, my kids are happy to watch TV between 10:00 and 15:00. In those cases it’s some kind of children’s channel that is broadcast into our living room and “not those stupid skis again”. I can almost not think of anything better than reading the news paper in the morning with a cup of coffee and turning into the TV tableau and realize that there is cross country skiing on the television! Usually, I collect the cheese and the butter from the table and put it in the fridge, just to show the rest of the family that I contribute to the clean kitchen routine. Then I take my cup of coffee and sneak out into the TV in the living room and just enjoy myself.

Today the amazing thing happened. Today the world cup came to me! Here in Borås! Or rather, to Ulricehamn that is just thirty minutes away by car. The tickets were released by midsummer and I think that I was one of the first to click into their homepage to by tickets. Ulricehamn is the south-most city in Sweden ever to host the world cup and to be honest I didn’t think that it would actually take place. We don’t have much snow down here, really. But not only did it take place, it was a tremendous event in so many ways!

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Pwnd by Instagram – 365× almost released

Well, there’s another good part of my life that was spent on doing something that wasn’t all thought through. This time I hade the best idea ever. I had a domain name, a good design for web and mobile, and verified code against the Instagram API. Today I finally finished my project and was about to publish it onto the world wide.

That’s when I realized that I hadn’t read the user agreement.

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Family vacation in Tenerife

The Christmas holidays has been long and nice, thanks for asking. We spent the last week of our Christmas vacations with good friends and their two children in Tenerife. We got to see the sun, and we swam in the ocean. But the wind was with us most of the time.

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