The Christmas holidays has been long and nice, thanks for asking. We spent the last week of our Christmas vacations with good friends and their two children in Tenerife. We got to see the sun, and we swam in the ocean. But the wind was with us most of the time.

This won’t be much of a travel description. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. It has 900’000 inhabitants but every year now less than five million tourists invades the island. We came here to relax, enjoy the company of the group and to get some sun.

The house

We took a Norwegian air plane down here, on a trip that last 5 hours. Another hour later we had picked up our bags and our rental car, and drove to our house. We had rented an eight person villa through HomeAway. The house was rather nice, but all the kitchen hardware were rather worn. The dishwasher, the stove and the fridge was probably rather nice 6-7 years ago, but now they were kind of under the standard that we had expected. The drains smelled a bit, since they don’t use stench traps in Tenerife. Also, we had problems with the water in the taps. Sometimes the water disappeared without any warning. That could be quite inconvenient after a swim in the ocean or after a run.

Family vacation in Tenerife - the house

Our 8 person house

Loro Parque

Something that I can recommend is the Loro Parque – the parrot park situated at the north side of the island. It has allegedly been voted as the best park in Europe, and the second best park in the world by Trip Advisor. It was really nice. There was a penguin house where you could stand on a conveyor belt and kind of travel around the penguins while looking at them. They had built a nice ice landscape and there was snow coming from the ceiling.

They also had a lot of nice shows with sea lions, dolphins, orcas and parrots. Of course, the parrots were a reoccurring thing in the park. There were big cages all around the park with parrots. At one place you could enter the cage and walk around with the parrots. The cage was around 500 square meters, and there were suspension bridges between the trees. Really nice.

Family vacation in Tenerife - Orca show at Loro Parque

Orca show in Loro Parque


Tenerife is a nice island, and it’s quite inexpensive to get there with Norwegian. The prices in the restaurants are quite good, and the beer on the beach bars were only 2 euro. I recommend everybody to travel there. The landscape is nice with deserts and cactus. There is also a lot of mountains to walk or climb if you’re into that.

Family vacation in Tenerife - The mountains


Family vacation in Tenerife - Cactus

The cactus stole our ball

Thanks for a nice week!