Well, there’s another good part of my life that was spent on doing something that wasn’t all thought through. This time I hade the best idea ever. I had a domain name, a good design for web and mobile, and verified code against the Instagram API. Today I finally finished my project and was about to publish it onto the world wide.

That’s when I realized that I hadn’t read the user agreement.

The Project

My project started out on a rainy november night. Me and my wife were watching a Swedish TV show called Svett och Etikett (Sweat and Etiquette), hosted by Kalle Wahlström. The show circles around Kalle trying out different forms of exercise. I don’t know how long the recording period is for each show, but I suspect that he practices each sport for one week. At the end of the show, everything emerges in Kalle taking place in some kind of competition in the new sport.

Kalle Wahlström

Kalle Wahlström – from Wikipedia

One of Kalles biggest aims is to get young people to exercise. I think he had a TV show called “The gym class teacher” earlier, where he was coaching kids who didn’t like to exercise. Well, as I was sitting there watching the show I realized that my kids doesn’t exercise that much either. I don’t want them to become fat and lazy. I mean, kids that just sit down all day are proven to be more sick, easily irritated, got concentration issues and…

This was when it hit me. This isn’t just about my kids. I’m also turning into a couch potato!


That was how the project was started. I realized that we needed to do something to get everyone in the family happy and energetic. 30 minutes every day is a good target, in my opinion. This is why I immediately rose from the TV, wiped the potato chips grease from my fingers and registered a domain name. I mean, where else to start a boot camp?

To my joy, I found a good name almost directly – 365×30.se and 365×30.com where both available! 365 days per year – 30 minutes per day. Yeah, you get it. I bought the domain names straight away and then I started to code against the Instagram API. I mean, there is no need to exercise today if you’re not able to share it online, right? There are surveys out there that states that exercises that are published online are up to 45 % more effective. It’s true. Everything on the Internet is!

I created a space for my site on my web hotel and continued coding. When January arrived I started to take my children out on excursions and I always kept my phone with me to take their pictures. I actually don’t like the idea of putting images of my children on the Internet. It was important for me that the pictures should be from behind or from the side, so that the children weren’t identifiable. My children love to make faces when I take out the camera, so I had to sneak up on them to get it right.

365x30 huvudbild

Today I decided that I would put the final touch on the site. I have spent a lot of time to move headers, pick colors and optimize loading times today. I really looked forward to publishing this post – the first one with the category Entrepreneur.

The Fall

At 13:00 I was all set! All I had to do now was to enter the Instagram web page and get the site approved. I opened their webpage and…

Darn! I needed a Privacy Policy to proceed with my application. You know that page where it says that all the data that you leave on the page will be stored forever and sold to other people for good money. Yes, that’s the one – that page that you never ever read.

Phew. How to write a Privacy Policy? I googled a version that was partly similar to what I wanted and started to modify it a bit. I added it to my project and then I published a new version. 45 minutes later I had solved the Privacy Policy problem and was able to proceed in the Instagram flow.

Instagram Permission Review Fail

What the…

Fail! They had changed the rules about how to get pictures from their web API. Those changes were in effect from the 1st of June 2016. I think that I will cry myself to sleep tonight. All the time that I’ve spent on this that instead could have been spent on my music gear.


So, what now? I have developed an English version (365×30.com) as well as a Swedish version (365×30.se). Go on and check them out. I’m kind of proud of them.

The sites are in a sandbox mode, which means that I can only receive images from up to 10 Instagram accounts, which I need to specify specifically. This means I could register 9 more persons to my page. Another limit in the sandbox mode is that only the latest 20 posts can be received.

I will leave the site there and let it grow for a while. Maybe I will find a clever idea to get past this? I already know one way, but that will cost me $89 per month. There might be a continuation of this.

The question that remain is – will I keep exercising with my kids for 30 minutes per day?