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Month: February 2017

Winter holiday with skiing in Kungsberget

Every year at week 7 we have a winter holiday here in Borås. My mother has a summer house in Sandviken outside of Gävle. Close by, we have a very nice skiing system. Last Saturday, we packed our car full of stuff and drove there for a winter holiday with skiing in Kungsberget.

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There are only 15 versions of a cold – Facts about colds

This is just too much! I have been running every day since January 13th. That’s a 25 day running streak and my target was to continue with this all year long. But here it comes. The cold. First I’m feeling a bit soar in my throat. Just a bit so that I’m wondering if I’m imagining it all. Then I wake up at night and realize that I cannot swallow without pain. And when I wake up in the morning I have a fever, nausea and I feel that a man cold is creeping up on me. Despite my early Coldzyme treatment, the cold has got me in a tight grip.

I have read on the Internet that there are only about 15 different mutations of a cold. When you have suffered through one of them, you are immune to it. Could someone please tell me why I have had at least one cold every single year for the last 40 years?

I will get to the bottom of this and google out all the facts about colds that I always wonder about when I get struck by a cold.

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My first Swedish song is almost complete

My first song has reached its 4th iteration. I have worked with the lyrics for some time and for those who are wondering what I’m doing when I’m driving my car, I am not playing Pokémon Go. The time in my car is bound to perfecting the lyrics for my song. In truth, I’m nearly always singing something while I’m driving. At least when I’m alone in the car. Every now and then I check my phone so that I haven’t called somebody by accident. Imagine if you call an old girlfriend singing “I will always love you” for her by accident. That would be so bad in so many ways.

Well, version one of the lyrics are done. I am almost happy with it.

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