My first song has reached its 4th iteration. I have worked with the lyrics for some time and for those who are wondering what I’m doing when I’m driving my car, I am not playing Pokémon Go. The time in my car is bound to perfecting the lyrics for my song. In truth, I’m nearly always singing something while I’m driving. At least when I’m alone in the car. Every now and then I check my phone so that I haven’t called somebody by accident. Imagine if you call an old girlfriend singing “I will always love you” for her by accident. That would be so bad in so many ways.

Well, version one of the lyrics are done. I am almost happy with it.

Stockholm vs Göteborg

You know the story by now, so I don’t need to tell you about the background of the song. I want to tell you something before I release my poetry out on the world wide web. Well first off, this is a Swedish song, and the translation is not very good at this moment. Maybe I will do an English version later, like New York vs Los Angeles or something. The second thing is the following. You may read the lyrics in two ways. At least, that was my intention.

You may look at it as a scene from a war where the civil war between Gothenburg and Stockholm is about to commence. I want to assure you that I am not choosing a side in this conflict. I’m just a singing spectator. The other scenario is that any team from Gothenburg faces any team from Stockholm in any sport. I have been thinking soccer, but it doesn’t have to be. Yeah, you know how I mean. In half time the setting is 1-1 and what should the people that arrange the game play in the PA system of the arena. That’s right.

The version 0.4 of the song contains my lyrics. I have draped my closet with fabric and I have put my microphone in there. The result was not as good as I had hoped. I wonder if it’s because of a) bad equipment, b) bad settings in Logic or c) a bad singer. I suspect that I need more expensive stuff.

Vocal booth in the closet - Tomas Heed

Singing in my closet. Get out!

Civil war

In the first verse we are sitting hunched in our trench in the morning light. We are located somewhere in the outskirts of the city where a partly teared down house makes for a good cover from the back. Some thirty minutes ago we could hear the first rounds of shots being fired in the distance. Before the first sunlight of the morning broke through the dark night sky we could see explosions by the horizon. Our fingers are cold, because it’s moist in the hole that we dug last night. We carefully rub our hands to keep warm, but we are sure to keep our weapon close at hand.

Through the light rain we hear a muffled sound from the other side of the square. We quickly reach for our weapons and check that they are ready to be used. They don’t know that we’re here. They will soon find out.

In the second verse the battle has been raging for a while. We have lost sight of each other and we don’t know how the other one is doing. I’m getting chased by a group of strangers and I throw myself into an open door of a house. I run up the stairs to get a better view of the square below. I hear the group chasing me passing by the open door downstairs and I’m surprise that the cannot hear my hard breathing. The day is almost at an end and the city reeks of sweat and gunpowder. I slowly walk to the window and almost scream out loud when I see that somebody is already standing there. It’s you! You’re alive! Together we look out over the square below.

The sun is setting and we will never again be who we were just twelve hours ago. The battle is raging outside the window and anyone can win this fight. Why are we fighting? Who has decided that we aren’t friends anymore. This seems so pointless.

The soccer game

In the first verse we are seated in the stands looking out over all the people around us. The arena is full of people. At one side the cheer section of one of the teams is singing a song. The other cheering section, the people of the visiting team, are less by number. But they have a drum. The atmosphere is at a maximum point as the players enter the field. This is no ordinary game. It’s very important that we win today. Even though a light rain is falling from the sky, the summer air is warm. As the referee blows the whistle to start the game, the heat increases even more. It’s so cool that we managed to get those front seat tickets for the finals. The team is finally here. We are finally here. This will be amazing!

Second verse. We scored a goal really early and we’ve had more opportunities than our opponents. And yet those bastards managed to score a lucky goal just before half time. At this point, anything can happen. The players are tired and it’s no longer a game of who is the better team. At this point all that matters is who has the endurance to last until the end. Anyone can win. But it has to be us!

The (translated) lyrics

You’re sitting next to me
The air is filled with adrenaline
On the other side the battle is commencing, soon the first shots will be fired
We are seated in the eye of the storm

Above us the rain is falling from a blood red sky
Over streets and squares

Stockholm vs Gothenburg

Here we are again
Time and space is long gone
We’re looking out over the battleground where anything can happen
What do we know about the future?

Above us the suns last ray of lights are throwing its shadows
Over streets and squares

Stockholm vs Gothenburg

Needs adjustment?

In the first section of this post I wrote that I’m almost happy with the lyrics. Some smaller adjustments are needed. I think that the line: “What do we know about the future” might be a bit out of place. Could you think of a way to improve the lyrics? Please let me know.