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Winter holiday with skiing in Kungsberget

Every year at week 7 we have a winter holiday here in Borås. My mother has a summer house in Sandviken outside of Gävle. Close by, we have a very nice skiing system. Last Saturday, we packed our car full of stuff and drove there for a winter holiday with skiing in Kungsberget.

The Cabin

If we start with the cabin, it’s an old wooden cottage once situated in the northern parts of Sweden. My grandfather got the cabin as a gift and he disassembled it and transported it back to Sandviken where they lived. Since the road over the lake was not yet built, my grandfather did what they all did back then. He rolled up his sleeves and transported the logs over the lake with a rowing boat, a couple at the time. The old man didn’t have a programmer’s body, like I do.

Over the years, the cabin has been rebuilt and developed. We now have running water and domestic wastewater. A couple of years ago we installed a dishwasher and a washing machine and now the cabin is really comfortable. Imagine the feel of luxury of a water toilet after many years with a dry toilet.

The insulation of the cabin is not that good, so we need to burn a lot of wood while we are there during wintertime. That also adds to the cozy feeling. Since we have nice neighbors who turns on the heat for us a couple of days before we arrive, there is actually no problem staying at the summer house during winter anymore.

Sandviken Cottage


The first skiing lift was installed at Kungsberget in 1954, but legend has it that the slopes has been skied a lot before that. At 2004, the mountain was bought by the Branäs consortium and since then the mountain has exploded with ski lifts, apartments and restaurants. This year, the system is even larger with a brand new express lift with 8 seats. They have also added 4 new slopes at the south side of the mountain. Now, Kungsberget houses a total of 22 slopes and 11 lifts.

ski map Kungsberget

The biggest advantage of Kungsberget is that it’s situated so close to Stockholm. In under 2½ hours the inhabitants of Stockholm can travel here and enjoy some decent skiing. You may wonder why this is an advantage for me since I live a long way from Stockholm? Well, Borås and Stockholm never have their school vacations on the same weeks. This means that when we are there the slopes are almost empty. You are almost alone in the slope and when you hit the lifts you will get into the second or third one leaving ground.

Kungsberget express lift

The express lift in Kungsberget was almost empty

Our week

We had a really nice and calm week. We bought an 8 day ski pass, but we only skied 5 of the days, and we took our time doing it. One of the days we went to the public indoor swimming pool. That house is very interesting! The water slides are very steep and they have built this rapid which slams your body hard into the clinker wall before drowning you completely in a water current. Very perilous yet very entertaining!

We have not yet stayed in the cabin without doing some work. One of the days, we rented a chain saw and took down a tree. We handled all of the tree in just three hours, including lunch and burning the sticks.

Our children has turned into quite good skiers, and I will soon need to start practice if I should be able to ski with them. This far, though, they like to ski beside the piste rather than on it. You know the old golfers joke.
– I should really only need to pay half the green fee, since I never use the fairway. The same goes for the kids in the slope. They never use the piste.

There was also a Super Mario-slope (the kids’ idols, next to Pokémon) which was decorated with figures from the TV game. That slope ended in a snow park where the kids could try out the Big Air Bag jump. That is, a jump where you land in a giant air balloon mattress. This is the first place that we’ve been to where the age restriction was completed  with an “or under supervision”. The children were really happy!

A view of kungsberget

A slope with a view

Kungsberget Big Air Bag

The kids in the Big Air Bag jump. (I have actually merged two pictures here)

Sunset Kungsberget

The sun sets

I can really recommend Kungsberget. Especially when there are no people in the slope and when the weather is nice!


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  1. Så trevligt du skrivit om vår resa! Upplevelser blandat med fakta. Hoppas det är ok att jag kopierar några bilder och skriver av lite text.

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