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Month: March 2017

The art of choosing a music studio

I finally begin to get a good feeling listening to my song! The sounds that I have been hearing in my head are starting to pour out of the speakers. In a musical manner of speaking.

When you are making music you need a reference song. A reference song is a professionally mixed song that you pick out because it sounds like the one you’re currently working on. You add the reference song next to your own in the music editor and then you listen. First you listen to your song. Then you listen to the reference song. In the best of worlds the soundscape from the two should be about the same at the same volume.

I have tweaked equalizers and compressors all to long. Yet the sound of my song is not exactly like I want it. Well, here is the good part. There are actually people who work with this! I can pay some dude (or girl) to do my dirty job. And there seem to be a great number of studios in my vicinity.

Let’s investigate the art of choosing a recording studio!

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Weight report week 2

Another week has come to an end. I have endured two horrible weeks without eating anything sweet nor drinking anything strong. I feel rather OK with skipping the Friday cake on work and the Saturday candy at home. The hard part is the Friday wine and the Saturday Gin and Tonic.

I will continue my labors for another two weeks to complete the dry month. After that I will reintroduce the Friday wine and the Saturday GT. Beer and other alcoholic beverages will have to way though, until the target is reached.

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The art of choosing a publisher part 2

In the end of september last year I sent my book to five different publishers. Quick recap: I have written a fantasy book that takes place in our world. It’s about two guys that suddenly are able to do things that they couldn’t do before. Among other things, one of them can give life while the other can take lives. As a reader, you soon realize that the two are connected in some way. There is a girl in the story as well. Girls in stories always get into trouble and needs to be rescued. Right? End of recap.

By now, I have received five rejection letters (or four to be accurate). In this blog post I was going to write about how I was planning to publish the book by myself or digitally. But something has happened to my Google skills. Suddenly I found a couple of more publishers that was interesting to me. This post i a completion to my last list of publishers.


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Weight report week 1

The first healthy week of this year has come to an end. Here is the first weekly report of my progress.

I have exercised for 6 hours and 40 minutes during this week and lost 3.3 kg. What a start!

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Cervinia – My first annual alpic ski trip

The second ski trip of the year had a slightly different character than the first. This time we went to Cervinia in the italian alps. My wife and kids had to stay at home this time. Instead me and three friends of mine went away on what I hope will be the first annual alpic ski trip.

We were treated with fantastic snow, hard winds, some sunshine and a helicopter ride!
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Asceticism – Best way to loose weight

All the things i like to eat and drink has one thing in common. It makes me fat.

Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy being fat. For this reason I sometimes need to reset my scale. Since I’m rather tall I have a weight where I’m comfortable on around 90-92 kg. When my scale is showing three digits, I know that it’s time to act

So, join me on a journey to get in shape for #beach2017

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