In the end of september last year I sent my book to five different publishers. Quick recap: I have written a fantasy book that takes place in our world. It’s about two guys that suddenly are able to do things that they couldn’t do before. Among other things, one of them can give life while the other can take lives. As a reader, you soon realize that the two are connected in some way. There is a girl in the story as well. Girls in stories always get into trouble and needs to be rescued. Right? End of recap.

By now, I have received five rejection letters (or four to be accurate). In this blog post I was going to write about how I was planning to publish the book by myself or digitally. But something has happened to my Google skills. Suddenly I found a couple of more publishers that was interesting to me. This post i a completion to my last list of publishers.


This post is a continuation of the post The art of chosing a publisher.

Posting a manusscript

A handfull of you readers might not have sent a manuscript to a publisher yet. Let me start by telling you how it’s done.

First, you have to select at couple of publishers that seems appropriate for your book. Some publishers only publishes fact books or poetry. Try to find a publisher that matches the book that you have written. I wanted my publishers homepage to give a modern impression. You are bound to have other values when you are picking yours. When you have selected a few, you send your book to them. Some of them wants it printed on paper while others want a PDF file. Some are very picky about how the pages should be formatted. 1.5 rows line spacing, Times New Roman, a margin of this or that.

You are also encouraged to send a personal letter that summarizes the book, who you are and your ambitions. If your book is fantastic, I suppose that the letter is not that important. If your book is only at the to 90 per cent of the scale I think the letter is more important. The Swedish publisher Bonniers receives over 1000 manuscripts per year. That’s an average of 3 per day. Then you have to catch the reader’s attention with all means available.

Rejection letters

When everything is sent you just have to lean back and wait. Most of the publishers seem to have a lead time of 2-3 months. The five publishers that received my book answered after 35 to 112 days. The publisher Wahlströms didn’t respond at all. When I sent my manusscript to them I got the following auto generated answer (my translation):

We will read your manuscript in our manusscript group as soon as possible.
Since we receive a lot of manusscripts we don’t have the possibility to get back with the result, except to those who we might be interested in proceeding with.

When the rejection letter arrives, it might look like this.

art chosing publisher part 2 rejection letter

My (free) translation: We have read your manusscript and are sorry to say that we we will not publish it. Since we get a lot of manusscripts we can’t get into details. Thank you for letting us read your manusscript.

More publishers

If I have to label my book I would say that it’s a juvenile book. I’m actually not a juvenile myself anymore. Maybe my opinion that a book should be printed on paper is a bit old fashioned? When I have received all my rejection letters I was starting to reevaluate this with a printed book. The young people of today might prefer to read books on a tablet? In that case I need to meet my audience where it is.

With this in mind I went out for a second search for a publisher. This time I was looking for digital publishers. What I found, however, was seven publishers that seemed interesting to publish my book in a printed form. That made me happy! Let me summarize my findings in a table like the one I’ve already published in my last investigation.

Boken jag har skrivit får nog betraktas som en ungdomsbok. Jag är ju själv ingen ungdom längre så kanske är min uppfattning om att en bok ska vara tryckt på papper väl gammalmodig? När jag hade fått mina refuseringsbrev började jag omvärdera det här med tryckt bok. Dagens ungdomar kanske hellre läser på platta? I så fall borde jag ju möta min publik där den är?

Med detta i åtanke började jag återigen hitta ett förlag. Den här gången ville jag ha e-bokförlag. Men döm om min förvåning när jag hittade inte mindre än sju nya förlag som verkade intressanta för att ge ut min bok i tryckt form. Vad glad jag blev! Låt mig genast få sammanfatta mina fynd i en lista likt den jag publicerat i tidigare undersökning.

Publisher Review
Ordfront Förlag Ordfront förlag is an independent publisher that publishes social debate, history, cultural history and handbooks in writing, democracy and adult education. And of course high quality fiction. Did you write a manusscript? We are happy to read it. Note that we only receive digital manusscripts, as a word document or a PDF-document.
Mörkersdottir The publisher Mörkersdottir was started in the autumn of 2010 and has since published around 50 titles. Both e-books, e-novels, sound books, bound books and pocket books with Swedish fantasy, thriller, romance, dark romance, magical realism, erotics, fear, child books and crime. Since 2016, Swedish Zombie is our imprint. We only receive books reviewed by a professional reader. If you want to mail us you manusscript, attach the professional readers report along with a synopsis and a presentation of yourself.

What is this?, you’re thinking. Mörkersdottir was in the list the last time as well, but was rejected. Ah, my friend of little faith but great attention to details. The text on their page has changed. Earlier, they only received books that were professionally read by them. In this updated version they receive manuscripts reviewed by any professional reader. Then Mörkersdottir turns into one of the more interesting publishers of this list.


Lange Förlag Lange förlag is a small and new family company with a great passion for books, the word and the imagination. We want to publish books that raises interest, thought and that touches the reader. We want our readers to grow in the meeting with the written word. Written word has a healing power. We want to publish books that the reader cannot put aside, that is in their thoughts long after the last word is read.
Forum Today we publish around seventy titles per year and the parole “the best in each genre” is as true as when it was born in the 1940’s. Our writers comes from every direction. One is a police, another a journalist. Some are professors and others stand up comedians. We want to be the publisher that publishes the book that are discussed during the lunch break, that opens eyes and minds and that are read by people not ordinarily interested in reading books. We don’t publish poetry, children or juvenile books and since 2009 not illustrated nonfiction.

Bah! No juvenile books!


Modernista Modernista is a Swedish publisher with a general target. It was founded in 2002 by Peitro Maglio and Lars Sundh, who has previously founded the papers Pop and Bibel as well as the publisher Koala Press. We have a wide portfolio of fiction, poetry, crime, children and juvenile books, biographies and nonfiction

Modernista’s homepage is the first publisher page that I see that doesn’t have an “about us” page.


Ebes Förlag Ebes förlag is a small and relatively newly founded publisher. Our purpose is to mainly help writers and home publishers to reach out with their books on the market in a smooth way. We rather receive your manuscript digitally but it’s also possible to send it to us with regular mail. The most important thing is that you have read your manuscript through before sending it to us.
LC Förlag Our focus is to publish books in Swedish but also in English in the ages 15+ to adult. This means that you can find anything from juvenile books, thrillers, crime, fantasy, erotics and other genres in our stock.

Second chance

Well, there’s not much more to say about it. I will start by polishing my personal letter and then I will send out my book on a second turn. I can assure you that after summer you will get a description in how to proceed with book publishing. Hopefully that blog post will be about how to publish a book through a publisher. In the worst case you will learn how to publish a book by yourself. I will publish my book! Otherwise my ghost will haunt every library until the end of time.

Keep your fingers crossed!