All the things i like to eat and drink has one thing in common. It makes me fat.

Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy being fat. For this reason I sometimes need to reset my scale. Since I’m rather tall I have a weight where I’m comfortable on around 90-92 kg. When my scale is showing three digits, I know that it’s time to act

So, join me on a journey to get in shape for #beach2017



The worst thing that I consume that makes me fat is the sugar. As I have told you before, I really like sugar. If someone brought a cake for the coffee break at work I usually take two pieces. Then I return to the kitchen after lunch to see if there are any left-overs. Then I eat a lot between meals and I even eat candy on workdays. When I go to the grocery store, I put a chocolate bar in the cart and then I eat small pieces from it when my children aren’t watching.

Sugar triggers an insulin response from the body. The insulin takes care of the high sugar levels in the blood and neutralizes them. Beside this, the insulin hinders the body form burning fat. If you eat a lot of sugar all day, the fat will never burn.

Besides I had to mend two cavities in my teeth during the last six months. The sugar causes acids which creates plaque which causes cavities. My dentist was very clear to me the other day. He sharply stated that I need to stop eating between the meals.Otherwise my teeth would all fall out. (my exaggeration)

Step 1 of my diet: No sugar. This means the end of sugar, honey, cakes, cinnamon rolls and Friday cakes. This prohibition also includes LCHF alternatives, which tastes bad but still keeps the need for a snack alive.



Another vice of mine is that I like to enjoy a glass of wine to the food. It’s also nice to take a glass of wine in the sofa in front of the TV, or a cold beer in the sauna. Alcohol prevents the body to burn fat in a similar way as the insulin.

Step 2 of my diet: no alcohol



As you all know, carbohydrates is what we eat with the food. Potatoes, pasta, rice and bread contains a lot of carbohydrates. Sugar is a pure form of carbohydrates and as a rule of thumb everything sweet contains carbohydrates. The carbohydrates in a potato, as an example, will not trigger the insulin in the same way as pure sugar, since they are less in numbers. I will continue to eat carbohydrates during my diet. But I will keep them on a minimum, even the ones hidden in vegetables, bread and cereals.

I will avoid fruit, since it contains way too much sugar. Besides, eating fruit supports my cravings to always chew on something.

I will not stop eating bread and pasta completely, but I will exchange a lot of it for broccoli and cauliflower, for example. Since I don’t always cook my own food I cannot be to harsh on the carbohydrates. What I can do is to select the most appropriate stuff that is served on the table.



According to the latest studies, exercise will not help you to loose weight. I don’t know if this is true. What I do know is that the more I exercise, the better I feel. Besides, in my opinion it is easier to stick to the diet after a good work-out. You get an ego boost and feel good about yourself. That fact alone gives me an incentive to keep on exercising.

I also believe that the exercise will keep your body active between the work-outs. Therefor I will set a goal to do something which increases my heart rate for 60 minutes per day.

I have a morning routine to strengthen my back which takes 15 minutes. Aside from that I will also take a walk or a run during lunch on every working day. On the weekend I will try to convince my family to join me.

empty plate

Monday fast

The last thing on my list is my Monday fast. This is something that I have been doing on periods during several years. I think that I will return to this subject on another occasion with a longer post. In my take of a periodic fast I eat dinner on the Sunday and then I fast until the dinner on Monday.That usually means a 20-24 hour fast.

I never got the point of a calorie count during a fast. Either you eat, or you don’t eat. During my fast, I drink water, coffee and tea. Period.


Asceticism – Best way to loose weight

So, to summarize my Ascetic diet
Eat less carbohydrates, skip the sugar
No alcohol
Exercise at least one hour per day
Fast 20-24 hours per week

I always say that I will start my diet on Monday. Well, today is Monday. I will keep you posted on my successes and eventual setbacks once per week on Mondays. The target is to go below 90 kg. 10 kg to go. Let’s get the party started!

Next Week

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