Another week has come to an end. I have endured two horrible weeks without eating anything sweet nor drinking anything strong. I feel rather OK with skipping the Friday cake on work and the Saturday candy at home. The hard part is the Friday wine and the Saturday Gin and Tonic.

I will continue my labors for another two weeks to complete the dry month. After that I will reintroduce the Friday wine and the Saturday GT. Beer and other alcoholic beverages will have to way though, until the target is reached.

Running on an empty stomach

On earlier Monday fasts I have done some exercising with a great result. The difference this time was that I was hungry already when I woke up this Monday morning. Since I don’t eat that much carbohydrates those days, my glycogen levels were low right from the start.

Glycogen is what the carbohydrates are transformed into when they enter the body. The glycogen is stored in the body and when your body needs energy it actually uses the glycogen. When you do a carbo loading before a race you fill up your glycogen to the brim. After 1.5-2 hours of hard work the depots are all empty. That’s when they say you hit the wall.

When I ran 10 km this Monday while fasting, I started out in the wall. At this point you are in the state of ketosis – you burn fat instead of carbohydrates. Burning fat is harder for your body than burning glycogen. This is why the energy won’t reach your body as quick, and that is why it’s so hard to run.

Weight report week 2 running

Springtime running in the woods

For me, who is bound to run a marathon in September, it’s great to practice running in ketosis. This is because it’s hard to fill up your glycogen levels enough while running. When I hit the wall I will be prepared.

But honestly I felt very depleted of energy after running this Monday. Next fast day I think I will run a bit shorter.

Weight report week 2 signs of spring

Spring is coming…

Weight report week 2

This week I have lost 1.5 kg and exercised for 7 hours an 25 minutes.

Monday – 95.3 kg. Monday fast again. 1 hour running during lunch break.
Tuesday – 95.1 kg. 30 minute lunch walk.
Wednesday – 95.8 kg. Pilates 60 minutes and later on 55 minutes of running.
Thursday – 94.7 kg. Lunch walk 60 minutes.
Friday – 95.3 kg. Running 30 minutes.
Saturday – 94.4 kg. 75 minute walk with my family.
Sunday – 94.6 kg. 75 minute run with Mrs Heed.
Monday – 93.8 kg.

Next Week

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