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Programming games for kids – part 1 – Sprites

The one thing that my children like to do above all else is to play video games. They can sit for hours in front of their iPad or computer and play. When they don’t play themselves they like to watch other people playing on Youtube.

The other day I asked the children if they wanted me to teach them how to create their own game. That really got them started and they wanted to get going straight away! I must admit that I didn’t expect that enthusiasm, so I hadn’t really prepared anything for them. But now I have!

This is part one of Tomas Heed’s game school of programming games for kids. Join in, and you will also soon be able to create games with HTML5 and JavaScript.

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Weight report week 6

Yet another week has passed of my diet. I’ve got a feeling that it’s harder and harder to be strict about my diet the closer I get to my goal. So far, I have managed to keep away from sugar. But I have to admit that I have downed a couple of beers during the week-end.

This week I’m going all in. The goal is to loose the remaining 1½ kg during this week.

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Weight loss during marathons – Live experiment

Today I have performed a marathon. That’s 42 kilometers. I didn’t run all of it, but the energy needed to move a body is about the same regardless of the speed. So, the question is. How big is the weight loss during marathons?

I have the answer!

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Search engine optimize yourself

My name is Tomas Heed and I have a blog that’s all about me. This would probably make me a narcissist, but wait. There is more! Sometimes I google my name.

I write on my blog in an expectancy that I will succeed in all the three areas where I aim – Writer, Musician and Entrepreneur. Since I haven’t done any progress in any of those areas thus far, it’s no wonder that my site isn’t that highly ranked on Google. But there is one thing that bothers me. I have created a blogg that is about me. The site has my name, All the texts are about me. Most of the images has my face on it. But still as I google my name, I only end up in seventh place! (Hey! In the English version I’m actually on row number three)

I have to get to the bottom with this to see if I can get to the top. Let’s try to find how you can search engine optimize yourself.


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Weight Report Week 5

I’ve just concluded another week of my diet. To be completely honest, I haven’t been all that zealous this week. I mentioned in my first post about my ascetic diet that I don’t want to be too picky about what I eat when I’m invited to someone. Well, since this was Easter week, we were invited to friends and family no less than three nights in a row. Furthermore, an evil cold efficiently prevented me from performing my exercising duties.

Despite all this I actually convinced the scale to show some negative numbers!

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Home Automation with Tellstick Duo, Raspberry Pi

So, I’ve finally entered the home automation area with Tellstick Duo, Raspberry Pi and OpenNetHome.

We have a mobile broadband modem at home with a 4G sim card which works perfectly. We have a stable connection of 25 megabit down speed which is good enough for the family. But once in a while the modem looses it’s connection to the Internet. When it does, we need to walk up the stairs, unplug it, and the replug it.

But not any more! With my new home automation setup I have solved this so that the modem reboots itself, one minute after it looses it’s connection. Read on to see how I did it.


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Rexius Records Recording

I’ve just returned from my first recording of my first song ever. That’s a Rexius Records Recording from their music studio in Gårda, Göteborg. It was a day full of inspiration, lessons learned and coffee. I also finally got a label on my music style.

My song is categorized as “90’s disco with a Basshunter lead”.

I cannot see how this could possibly fail!?

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Weight Report week 4

Finally, the fully ascetic first month of my diet is over. Now, we move on to the second phase which is identical with the first one but with wine on the week-ends. Beer and Gin & Tonic will have wait for another time since it contains too much carbohydrates.

I have the goal in sight! Only three more kg’s remains until I have reached my target. Now I just have to keep my focus with all the Easter eggs out there.

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Book Contract Signed

Stop the presses! I have fantastic news! I got my book contract signed!

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Time to hit the studio

Now I’ve done everything that I can on my own on my first song Stockholm vs Göteborg. It’s finally time to hit the studio!

As I wrote in my previous post where I picked between music studios, Rexius Records in Göteborg will get the honors to do my recordings. I am very exited. To record a song in a studio is something that I have dreamed about, and now it’s time!

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