Stop the presses! I have fantastic news! I got my book contract signed!

As I have told you before, I have written a book and I have sent it to a couple of publishers. Just recently I found a couple of publishers that I hadn’t seen before, to whom I also sent the book.

One of those, L.C. Förlag, answered my call really quickly. They told me that they were so called hybrid publishers where I join in to finance the publishing. In return they give me a larger share of the sales later on.

I had started to plan for publishing the book on my own, so for me this was spot on! Someone will hold my hand throughout the publishing and yet I’m still part of the process. I immediately answered yes to the possibility, but one important question remained. Would they think that my book was good enough to publish?

After  a couple of days they mailed me back again, and told me that they gladly wanted to publish the book. I got really happy! Those of you that have followed the blog from the start knows that one of the three targets for 2017 is to get a book contract.

Book contract, check!

Book Contract Signed

L.C. Förlag

L.C. Förlag was founded in 2015 by Nicole Löv and Yamilé Andreasson Craig. They mostly publish books in Swedish but also in English. The target group is 15+ to adults. Their genres are everything from erotics (maybe my next book?) to thrillers and crime. And fantasy, of course, which is the genre were my book will be categorized.

As of today, they are representing 14 writers. Correction, make that 15 with me.

As I mentioned before, the company is a so called hybrid publisher. In a traditional publisher contract you get a bag of money in advance to be able to pay your bills while you finish your book. When the book is out in the store, the author gets a small share of the selling price into his bank account. The publisher will either withhold that reward until the advance is covered, or else you get a bit less money for each sold copy.

The hybrid publisher turns that equation around. Instead of receiving money in advance I will pay money to publish the book.In return, I will get help with everything that I don’t know anything about. Proofreading, marketing, review samples, distribution and warehousing just to mention a few areas. When the book starts to sell I will get a larger piece of the share for every book. In my case, I will need to sell around 1200 books to start earning money.

The Mail

I have to tell you about the nice response that I received from L.C. Förlag. They wrote that they wanted to publish my book. They also wrote the following kind words (my translation):

“You capture the reader and you write naturally, partly so that we want to continue to read to find out what will happen but also in a way that makes us develop feelings for the different characters either if it’s sympathy or hatred. You skillfully paint the scenes so that you “see them” which is just what we are looking for. It’s a skillful design!”

Nothing tastes as sweet as praise! =)

Book Contract Signed

The signed book contract starts it journey back to the publisher…

What now?

Now there will be a couple of months with proofreading. To start with I guess there will be a massive change in the script. The publisher will use a red pen and make a note where information is missing, where there is too much information and where things apparently are wrong. When those things are corrected we will take it through other iterations where the granularity will be finer and finer. After the last proofreading I won’t even be involved in the process. The publisher will make the small remaining corrections on their own.

When everything is complete I will receive a copy of the proofread book for review. I will have two weeks to approve of it. Then the book will be published.

We will print 500 copies to start with in the first edition and that is hardback books. I truly hope that this will be done before the end of September, when there is a big book fair in Sweden. It would be hilarious to be a part of that fair and to sign my books. I will also travel the country to different book shops and try to sell books there. I might try to sell them through my blog as well? We will see if I can fit that into my tight schedule. Otherwise I might just refer you to one of the usual web shops.

So, what more can I say. It’s time to end the non-alcoholic month and pop the champagne open!