I’ve just returned from my first recording of my first song ever. That’s a Rexius Records Recording from their music studio in Gårda, Göteborg. It was a day full of inspiration, lessons learned and coffee. I also finally got a label on my music style.

My song is categorized as “90’s disco with a Basshunter lead”.

I cannot see how this could possibly fail!?

Rexius Records Recording - Brygghuset

Rexius Records Recording

This morning at 08:59 I parked my car outside the Valhalla bath house in Göteborg. I happily walked over to the brewing house, Brygghuset, that is situated on the other side of the stream.  But when I got there I looked around in askance. I had only received the address, but the house was big – tre floors and as many entrances but no signs. After a while I got inside and after at short phone call to Mathias Rexius I was shown into the studio. I was introduced to my recording technician as well as mixer, Andreas, and his sidekick Christoffer the trainee. I got som coffee and the we entered the studio.

My first impression of the studio was that this was a building site. There were isolation in some openings that I suspect were prepared for loudspeakers, and a big AC was humming in the middle of the room. In the center of the room a desk with a computer was situated, and in front of that, the microphone which I would sing into. There were a couple of holes in the ground where cables poked out and in truth the room was a bit too messy for me. When I finally arrived by the microphone all this was forgotten. And the AC was switched off.


Rexius Records Recording - The recording room

Sore throat

When I ran my marathon last year I was worried about getting a cold before the race. I had the sam feeling for this day with hand sanitizer, Coldzyme and bacteria anxiety. Despite this, or maybe because of this, I managed to get a cold. I woke up this night because of my sore throat, and in the morning I could hardly swallow. Luckily I had nearly one hour to get to the studio this morning so I had a lot of time warming up my voice. All in all, I think I did what I could based on my voice capacity.

We started out with the verses in a couple of recordings. First we did the first verse a couple of times until that sounded good, and then we proceeded to the second one. It was apparent that I had practiced more on the first verse. The other one didn’t want to come out quite the way I intended. After around 45 minutes we were satisfied with the second verse as well. What I missed out in the singing, they will do with the autotuner!

After a cup of coffee we headed for the refrain. I was a bit worried that my voice wouldn’t be able to sing the refrain since it’s pitch is a bit higher. But despite my worries, I think it went great. When we were all set we added some chorus on the refrain and then Andreas started mixing.


Rexius Records Recording - Tomas Heed


Mathias and I sat down and talked a bit about how to release the song. He told me that a song has a news value in about two weeks today. After this time period none of the bloggers or news site wants to handle the song. Because of this it’s important that you prepare the release of the song as much as one month before the actual release. You have to find cool bloggers who wants to write about your song, send it to Spotify’s list makers to get them to include the song and a lot of other tricks to reach out with the song.

All this basically means that you need a platform to build on. Rexius Records helps artists to build this platform and we had a nice conversation about a possible future collaboration. All in all, I think that I will need to release this first song entirely on my own. But I will ruthlessly use you, my blog readers, to help me out.

Before we separated we listened to the song in full, one last time, to see that it was OK. We cancelled tomorrow’s recording session and we will save that occasion for my next song. As a side note – I haven’t even started to think about my next song.

I received a homework before I left. I must select three songs which I think reflects what I want to hear in my song. When I send those to Andreas he will create magic with the material that I have given to him. I’m really looking forward to hearing the result!