Now I’ve done everything that I can on my own on my first song Stockholm vs Göteborg. It’s finally time to hit the studio!

As I wrote in my previous post where I picked between music studios, Rexius Records in Göteborg will get the honors to do my recordings. I am very exited. To record a song in a studio is something that I have dreamed about, and now it’s time!

Time to hit the studio Rexius Records

Rexius Records

The studio is situated in Gårda in the middle of Göteborg, just behind the Valhallabadet and the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Center. They have been doing business since 2013 and they’re not just a studio but also a record company. They currently have 11 artists tied to them and they have received over 7800 demos. Poor people that have to listen to that crap! All of the songs cannot be as good as mine? (note: irony)

What’s my relation to Rexius Records? I am not one of the eleven artists. So far I don’t have a record contract. I have asked Rexius for help to finish my first song. If everything is well with my first song I might do another one, and then yet another one. When I have a portfolio of, say 10 songs, I might start looking for a record company. It remains to be seen, but at this moment my focus is solely on this song.

I contacted Rexius through a form on their web page. I uploaded a working copy of my song to Dropbox and included a link to that file. In the form I wrote that I wanted help to record my voice and to mix and master the song. Mixing and mastering is the process of making all the instruments harmonize together (mixing) and get a nice end product (mastering). I suggested that we should book 2 hours in the studio to be able to nail the song.

Long Song

Pretty soon after that I submitted my form, Robin at Rexius called me on my cell phone to discuss the song. They had an opening on the day that I had suggested, but he thought that 2 hours might be too little for the singing. Usually people booked half a day or a full day. When I submitted the form, I had planned to suggest 1 hour. I can take advice, so I agreed to half a day. When Robin heard that this was my first time in a recording studio, he strongly suggested that I should book a full day instead.

Now, when I did my recordings at home, I put down 2 hours to get the sound I wanted. I was really sore in my throat afterwards. Now I will sing for eight hours!

Finally we agreed to divide the full day into two half days. Next week I will sing in a studio four hours on Wednesday and four hours on Thursday! By the way, the length of the song is 3 minutes.

Time to hit the studio - home studio

My home studio

Getting ready

When I send my songs to the studio it will be a definite time stamp. I will sing to my music and then they will mix my singing with my music. This means that what needs to be done to my song has to be done before Wednesday next week. Tomorrow I will go to Stockholm with my work and during the weekends there is never time to do anything. What should be done has to be done today!

So, at this very moment I have bounced all my tracks. With other words I have converted each and every one of them to audio files and uploaded them to Dropbox. At that location, the files will be collected by my music producer at Rexius. The tracks are all naked, without any effects. The producer will add the appropriate effects and make the song sound like what you hear on the radio. At least, this is what I’ve been told.

Haha! I have no clue what to expect from this, but I am really looking forward to seeing the result!

Soon you will be able to hear the song! =)