Today I have performed a marathon. That’s 42 kilometers. I didn’t run all of it, but the energy needed to move a body is about the same regardless of the speed. So, the question is. How big is the weight loss during marathons?

I have the answer!

Linné march

Since the middle of the 1970’s, the local sports club Hestra IF in Borås has arranged the Linne march in he middle of april. In the beginning it was but a small arrangement for the club, but now the walk has been developed to Sweden’s largest walking event. You can choose between a handfull of walking routes during two days. 42 km, 21 km, 10.5 km or the short 7 km adventure walk. In the latter, you walk between stations where the whole family can try out adventurous tasks, like building a bird house or go by ropeway between two trees.

We have planned to repeat last year’s success at Médoc Marathon by visiting that competition again this year. Therefore, we we were pleased to find a well arranged and measured track to practice, close by. Besides, we were happy to find that they supply you with food, drinks and fruit every seven kilometers, or so. That is why we decided that we would try to run and walk the Linné march’s 42 kilometer track. The goal was to complete the task in 6 hours and 30 minutes, since this is the Médoc max time.


Anyone who has been running in Borås knows that there is a lot of hills in the city. The last part of the name Borås – ås – actually translates to ridge. This is because the city is placed by a ridge. And I don’t think that it’s just one ridge, but many. Where ever you are going from the city center you have to start by climbing a giant hill. A competition in a city like this naturally means that the route will go up and down like a roller coaster. The Linné march web page states that the route passes through  “Kypesjön, Ymergården, Kransmossen, Hårsåsen with a great view, magic Svarttjärn, the new natural reserveÄlmås, Bråt and Osdal, Pickesjön”. Well, almost all those places  are on the top of a hill.

Because of this we created a plan before leaving. We would run where the road was downhill or flat, and we would walk uphills. During the first 10 km we didn’t run at all.

Joke aside. The route took us through Borås Zoo before we ended up at Kypesjön. The Zoo is really nice and when we passed the lions they were looking at us, hungrily.

Weight loss during marathons - Lions at Borås Zoo

The bears was lying in the sun and didn’t take much notion of us.

Weight loss during marathons - Bears at Borås Zoo

We reached about 15 kilometers using our plan, but then we got tired and chose to walk for a while. By the end of the Marathon walk we got a bit more energy. The last 12 km we ran. After around 7 hours we returned to Borås Arena after 42 kilometer walking and running.

Weight loss during marathons

I have a full focus on my diet right now, and I got curious about just how much weight you loose during a marathon. I stepped onto the scale just before we left for the start – it showed my a weight of 91.9 kg after breakfast. 42 kilometers and seven hours later I stepped onto the scale again. This time it showed me 88.9 kg! The weight loss of 7 hours running and walking for 42 kilometers is 3 kg. In this figures I have drinken water at every station, tasted som gulasch soup (!) and eaten a banana.

It will be really interesting to see how the weight will change during the coming few days. I will have to add an update to this post to report how the weight changes over time.

Weight loss during marathons - Borås Arena

The goal at Borås Arena. A welcome sight after 42 km