Wow, time flies! We have now passed three weeks of hard weight watching at my home and the digital numbers of my scale tells the tale. You’re going down, Mister!

The joy is grand in the Heedish home. But one part of the family is not singing quite as loud in the happiness choir. It’s my wife, Mrs Heed, who follows the same ascetic diet as I do but doesn’t get the same results.

Despite all demonstrating advocates of equality between the sexes out there, there are some differences between men and women. I agree on the point that the same work should generate the same salary and all that, but the male physics simply makes it easier for us to loose weight than for women. That’s because of genetics.

Men are from Mars

Why do I loose weight more easily? First off, I weigh more than my wife. The energy needed to transport an item is proportional to it’s weight. That means that if I weigh twice as much, I consume twice the energy when I leave the sofa to switch the channels when the TV remote is broken. Since I weigh a bit more than the average woman, I spend more energy when I’m not sitting still.

Another unfair advantage for us men is that we have a larger muscle mass. This is the reason why men can lift more, run faster, jump higher and so on. This is also why men and women don’t compete in the same classes in most sports. Men have a muscle mass that is around 15-40% bigger than women at the same size.

Weight report week 3 - center chocolate

500 kcal

There are a handful of online calculators where you can find how much energy you spend on an average day. This is one example. You enter your gender, weight, length and an estimate of how much you exercise. With my 192 cm and 93 kg and 3-5 days of exercise per week I apparently spend 3140 kcal per day. By switching the gender parameter to female, that amount is changed to 2640 kcal with the same length and weight. This means that I spend 500 calories more than a woman with my proportions every day. This difference equals a weight loss of 0.5 kg each week.

If I enter Mrs Heeds figures into the calculator, the sum is lowered by another 300 kcal per day. If we eat the exact same food and do the same exercise, I will loose 0.8 kg more weight than her every single week.


Weight report week 3 inlines

Inlines for me and my two kids – 20€ in the second hand store!

Weight report week 3

This week I have lost 1 kg and exercised for 6 hours and 10 minutes

Monday – 93.8 kg. 30 minute walk.
Tuesday 94.5 kg. 60 minute run during lunch. Monday fast (on a Tuesday).
Wednesday – 93.6 kg. 55 minute run.
Thursday – 94.0. Exercise bike in my basement in front of my Xbox. 45 minutes.
Friday – 93.5 kg. 40 minute walk with my children to the parkour park, and a bit of parkour.
Saturday – 93.5 kg. Inlines with my children in the parkour and skate park, 60 minutes.
Sunday – 94.1 kg. Distance running 80 minutes.
Monday – 92.8 kg.

Next week

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