Finally, the fully ascetic first month of my diet is over. Now, we move on to the second phase which is identical with the first one but with wine on the week-ends. Beer and Gin & Tonic will have wait for another time since it contains too much carbohydrates.

I have the goal in sight! Only three more kg’s remains until I have reached my target. Now I just have to keep my focus with all the Easter eggs out there.

Weight Report Week 4 - Easter Egg

Counting Calories

A popular way to loose weight is to count calories. All the food that we eat have different energy levels depending of what they consist of. The large nutrition groups are proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Aside from those three, fiber and alcohol also contains calories.

If you look at the nutrition facts on your food, you are able to calculate the energy content by the following list:

Protein 4 kcal per gram
Carbohydrates 4 kcal per gram
Fat 9 kcal per gram
Fiber 2 kcal per gram
Alcohol 7 kcal per gram

For those who don’t like calculations, the energy content is always present in the nutrition facts.

To save or to waste

If you want to loose weight, the most important part is that you spend more calories than you take in. On kilo of body fat contains about 7000 calories. You might wonder why a kilo of body fat doesn’t contain 9000 calories based on the list above? The reason for this is that body fat consists of alcohol.

No, I’m just kidding. The body fat isn’t just pure fat. It also contains other stuff like water. Because of this you loose around a kilo for every excessive 7000 calories that you spend.

Earlier, people thought that it didn’t matter which nutrition group the calories came from. Today we know that the carbohydrates triggers an insulin response in your body. The insulin transports the energy from the carbohydrates to its destinations throughout your body. When the insulin is active all the energy spent comes from carbohydrates and the fat reserves will be left intact. You cannot burn body fat while there is insulin in your body.

If you eat carbohydrates all the time the insulin levels in your body will never decrease. After a while, your cells will get used to the increased insulin levels and they will get immune to insulin. When this happens you may develop diabetes.


The popular diet LCHF is based on this. LCHF stands for Low Carb High Fat and the diet tells you to eat huge loads of fat and exclude carbohydrates. By eating a lot of fat you become full quicker and you don’t need to eat as often. After a while, your body gets used to not eating between the meals and you loose weight quickly.

Personally, I don’t think that it’s wise to exaggerate the fat intake in the long run. But the fact remains that LCHF has helped a lot of people to regain control over their obesity.In the long run I think you should eat a lot of everything, but stay low on the carbohydrates.

That’s just my theory.

Weight report week 4

This week I have lost 1.2 kg and exercised for exactly 7 hours.

Monday– 92.8 kg. Lunch running for 40 minutes. 80 minutes walk with Mrs Heed.
Tuesday – 92.3 kg. Exercise bike with Xbox for 40 minutes.
Wednesday – 92.3 kg. 25 minutes run. 30 minutes walk.
Thursday – 92.6 kg. 30 minutes run. 30 minutes walk with Mrs Heed.
Friday – 92.3 kg. 60 minutes run with Mrs Heed.
Saturday – 91.6 kg. 45 minutes soccer with my kids.
Sunday – 91.8 kg. Indoor wall climbing with my kids and 40 minutes run with Mrs Heed.
Monday – 91.6 kg.

Next week

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