I’m finally done dieting! It took me 46 days – just below seven weeks – to loose 10 kilos.

Follow my quick weight loss diet plan and you will get the same results!

This Friday, my scale finally showed me the figure 88.5 kg, which means that I have lost the intended ten kilos. I did this by following my ascetic diet, for which I set the rules in a blog post seven weeks ago. During this period of time I have not starved myself at anytime and I have exercised lightly for around 1 hour per day in average. It doesn’t need to be harder than that.

I am not going to write a long essay on how I did it. Just have a look at my first blog post instead. If you are interested you can follow my journey week by week from that blog post. There is a simple two step instruction in how to succeed with the diet.

1. Make up your mind. You have to want to loose the weight. You have to want to loose the weight more than you want to eat that piece of chocolate.

2. Do it.


I have been weighing myself every morning since I started, and I have recorded my progress. Some people don’t like to weigh in too often. As you see in the chart below, the weight fluctuates quite a lot between the days, so you shouldn’t read too much into the numbers. On the other hand, there is a clear trend downwards.

Quick weight loss diet plan - weight plot

In the beginning the curve is rather steep. This is when I stopped eating carbohydrates and I peed out all the excess water in my body. Then the curve is quite good for a while more until day 27. That’s Easter.

Up until day 39 there weren’t much action on the scale but after the Linné march on day 41 I felt that the target was within reach. The last week the curve is going straight downwards.

Quick weight loss diet plan – photo evidence

Every morning I took a picture of myself in front of the mirror. Let me treat you with some light-dress pictures of myself on the blog. This is the first and probably last time this will happen. Enjoy!

Quick weight loss diet plan - photo evidence

Weight report week 7

This week I have lost my last 2.3 kg and exercised for around one hour per day.

Monday – 90.9 kg – 40 minutes run during lunch. Monday fast
Tuesday – 90.9 kg – 1 hour at the golf course with my children.
Wednesday – 90.5 kg – Pilates 60 minutes. Running with my kids for 40 minutes.
Thursday – 89.3 kg – 35 minute run during lunch. 60 minute walk.
Friday – 88.5 kg – 10.1 kilo lost!