Just a short note to prove that my marathon training continues.

This week I have ran 39 km.

Hard training

I can say that I never have exercised this much for any event before. I did the Vasaloppet cross country ski race in 2012, but I didn’t exercise this often or this hard for that. Currently I do 4 heats per week, but soon we will increase that to 5 heats per week.

The training gives results as well. I’m not only more tired than usual. I also feel quicker when I run. The next heat is tomorrow, and that is a test race. We did a test race around the Picksjön lake in Borås one week before we started the program. Tomorrow we will run the exact same distance and then we will see if we have progressed.

This week

This week we have done the following

Tuesday: 5 times 8 minutes intervals. Those should be done on a flat and even track, but we took it on a hilly terrain track in the forest. It was hard, but we did OK. Before the run we had a warm up with technique training.

Thursday: A calmer run for 1 hour in hilly terrain. We got lost and went straight into the forest before we found the track again. That kilometer took us 13 minutes to complete, but the other ones were quicker. A 10 km total, followed by elasticity training and strength.

Saturday: Alternative training on my exercise bike in front of my Xbox. The schedule said 3×10 hard intervals, but I did one hour semi hard instead.

Sunday: Distance training 1.5 hours. We ran around the Öresjö lake in Borås, 17 kilometers. The last thirty minutes we added 2×10 minutes hard running.