The midsummer run is arranged on midsummers eve every year by Axmarby IF. The race is held between the small villages of Gåsholma and Axmarby, which are laid out picturesquely by the shore of the Botnia Sea at the east coast of Sweden. Our participation in the Midsummer run 2017 was our third year in a row, so by now we can call it a tradition.

The midsummer run 2017

So,this was the third year that we participated in the race. The first year I was really happy with my results. Last year was not that good. I think that I have some kind of allergy against something that appears around this time of year. Last year, it appeared the day before midsummers eve, but this year I got through the worst part of it one week before the race.

Midsummer run 2017 - bib collected

The bib was collected

My sister has read about the midsummer race results in the local news paper every year on the midsummer’s day. That was how we found out about the race. Since she thought that it we fun to take part of the race we joined in three years ago.

Midsummer run 2017 - the start line

The start line was made out of lupins

The track

The race is held on an eight kilometer flat track. 85% of it is held on a gravelled road and the surrounding forest is a very nice scenery.

The start in Gåsholma at 11:00 is marked by that one of the officials fires a shotgun into the woods. When the shot is sounded, around 360 persons sets off towards Axmar by, laid out by the coast.

Midsummer run 2017 - The start man

The start man

The track is very nice and flat and there are really only three hills in 8 kilometers.

People along the track is cheering on, but unfortunately the main part of the cheering is for the people they know. I think that we are the only people from Borås in the race. Most of them are locals, of course.

Midsummer run 2017 - Finish line

A welcome sight after 8 kilometers

I got tired after around 4 kilometers, but managed to hold on to an average pace of 4:36 per kilometer according to my own watch. The official time was a bit kinder, or if my GPS watch tricked me about the length of the race.

The male winner was Joakim Lantz at 25:45. That’s a tempo of around 3:13 per kilometer. Impressive!

The female winner was Elisabeth Höberg who came in at 29:15. That’s also a great pace.

Midsummer run 2017 - Results

Me, I finished just after 36 minutes

Every one who participated in the race could win nice prices on a bib number lottery. Unfortunately we came home empty handed this year, but we will probably come back next year!