Sometimes I get cravings for something to eat when the evening comes. If I have a bag of potato chips lying around in my cupboard it’s easy to fill up a bowl. I try to be a bit more healthy and therefor I have made a switch to crispbread with cheese instead, lately. To be honest, If I have a glass of red wine along with the snacks I almost prefer the crispbread before the chips.

But I’ve realized that I might not be that healthy after all, considering the amount of butter and cheese that I use. What is more healthy? Potato chips vs crispbread?

Potato chips vs crispbread

Common sense says that the potato chips are more unhealthy than the crispbread. My latest weakness is Wasa Multigrain Crispbread. With a thick layer of butter and a thick layer of cheese it’s almost irresistible. The other day I started to look at the ingredients list and I realized that from a nutritional point of view the carbohydrate levels are in parity with the potato chips. This was when it hit me that it might not be that good for me to shovel down crispbread.

Bring forth the kitchen scale!

Potato chips

In the left corner – a bowl of potato chips. I filled a bowl of chips of the same size that I usually down in a weekend evening. When I put it on the scale I was told that my average portion is about 68 grams. A quick look in the nutritional fact sheet told me that 68 grams of Estrella sour cream onion potato chips contains:

Carbohydrates: 34.7 grams
Proteins: 4 grams
Fat: 22.4 grams


In the right corner – the crispbread. I put a Wasa Multigrain Crispbread on the scale – 18 grams. I added a big layer of salted butter – 6 grams. Finally I added a couple of thick slices of cheese – 20 grams. Then I made myself another crispbread of the same sort and added the numbers in an advanced formula. Two well buttered slices of Wasa Mulitgrain and cheese contains:

Carbohydrates: 23.4 gram
Proteins: 14.8 gram
Fat: 22 gram

Potato chips or crispbread?

Well, both of them contains the same amount of fat, but the crispbread – or rather the cheese – contains mor proteins. I don’t know what the results were. Maybe I just fool myself when I think that the crispbread is more healthy than the potato chips.