Dear diary. I have been writing on my blog for almost one year now. Some of my readers follows me regularly, which is great! I also have a couple of readers each day that finds my site through Google, which is also appreciated. However, the number of readers are rather low and I wonder why. So, it’s time for a market research – what do other bloggers do?

The top list

There is a Swedish site called bloggportalen that lists the most visited blogs. Those are:

Market research - what do other bloggers do - Top list

The number is the number of visitors the last week, where each user is registered once per hour based on IP number. According to the exact same measurement method I have 56 visitors. Kenza has around 6500 times more visitors than I do. How is that possible?


For a while I was thinking that it was possible to optimise the site for speed to attract more users. I ran my site through PageSpeed Insights, which is a service from Google. With some work I managed to get quite good numbers. Today, I have 60% of the target level on Mobile and 82% on computer, which is slightly lower than my target. I have to check how the bloggers from the top list are performing.

  1. KENZA – 81% mobile, 83% computer
  2. Bloggbevakning – 25% mobile, 25% computer
  3. Kostdoktorn – 85% mobile, 53% computer
  4. – 47 % mobile, 51% computer
  5. Bianca Ingrosso – 79% mobile, 91% computer
  6. Trettonbarnsmamman – 0% mobile, 0% computer

If I disregard Trettornbarnsmamman I am actually quite surprised of how good the bloggers are doing in PageSpeed Insights.


Bloggbevakning is a site that looks around at other blogs and publish a subset of their content. They only add their own ads. Clever! All the other blogs, except for Kostdoktorn, are women that blogs about clothes.

Those blog has a common factor in that they publish an extreme amount of images and text with a lot of hearts in it. I think that no one enters those sites for the texts, but to see the images.

The site Kostdoktorn is a site for people who wants to loose fat by LCHF. It contains a lot of success stories and how to-guides. The redactional content is written by a lot of different persons.

All of the blogs above have in common that they are updated a lot. A couple of times per day, actually. That is something I will have to take with me from this analysis. But I want to have some content inside the posts, as well…

Let me browse that top list for a while to see if I can find a blog that looks a bit more like mine.

Market research - what do other bloggers do?

The original

Blogs that looks like mine

So, let’s see… Fashion, food, food, fashion… Money, fashion, houses, garden, children…

I will filter the list to only show writers. Well, the author Kim M. Kimselius blog (mobile: 74%, computer: 28%) who has published 45 books. That blog has 222 visitors according to the top list. If I filter by musicians there is a MinikeGirl (mobile: 18%, computer: 24%) who has published 12 songs on Spotify. She has 10000 visitors according to the top list. That has to be because of the music, right? The page is to the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

There seems to be no logic in this…

Market research – what do other bloggers do?

If I try to summarise this somewhat foggy post, I will have to conclude the following.

  1. The big blogs are optimised for speed. To do: Optimise my page even more.
  2. The big blogs uploads a lot of pictures. I think that I have quite a good balance here. I don’t want to bore you with a selfie marathon.
  3. All the big blogs uploads content frequently. To do: I like to actually having something to write when I write a post, but maybe I should write a number of smaller posts beside my weekly big one?
  4. The big blog have a lot of visitors. To do: ???

Anyone has a tip for me?