I’ve finally managed to deliver my song to RouteNote!

On August 10th, the hit song Stockholm mot Göteborg release will appear in a Spotify installation near you!

A great plan

I think that a lot of questions will rise about my song. The question that will last the longest, probably longer than the song, is the cover photo. If the song is named Stockholm against Göteborg, why in earth is the photo taken in Göteborg and not in Stockholm. Well, there is a reason, and it’s not me being lazy.

We celebrated Midsummer’s day as usual up in our summer house up in Sandviken, just outside Gävle. My mother owns a fantastic small cottage on a rise above the lake Storsjön in Sandviken. With a bit of willpower it’s possible to fit me, my mother, my two sisters and our respective families into that cabin. It’s a classical Swedish midsummer with dancing around the midsummer’s pole, herrings and shots and a following barbecue.

When we left from Sandviken we took a detour around Stockholm. We brought the camera and a great plan for a cover for the song. When the Göteborg train leaves the Stockholm central station, it starts is way through the old town at Stadsholmen and continues to the other side of the lake Mälaren where it disappears under the Hilton hotel. We had checked when the train was due to leave the station and made our way through all the road construction sites in to the city center. We were standing on top of Hilton with the camera ready.

This was our plan. We would take a picture of a train with the text Göteborg in the front window. In the background we would see Mälaren with the Stockholm city house in the middle.

Tricked by the railroad

The first train that was an X2000 express train that was due at 15:25. I was standing with my camera at the ready, waiting. No train appeared.

SJ, the Swedish railroad, is not known for being on time, so maybe the train was just a bit late? Luckily, another train was due for 15:29, so I held my stance, with my camera at the ready, waiting. No train appeared.

Finally, I found an obscure web site with SJ’s traffic information, prefixed by a www2. On that page, I could read that they had changed the train route during nine days because of a railroad work. Very annoying with a long trip around Stockholm.

The result of this is that I had to go to Göteborg a couple of days later to take the picture. Somehow I had stuck with the idea to have a train in the image.

Stockholm mot Göteborg Release - Fail

But where is the train?

Uploading music to RouteNote

In an earlier post I have told you that I have selected RouteNote as my Aggregator. If you haven’t read that post yet, an Aggregator is a service through which you can upload your music to digital services, like Spotify. I have created an account there before and if you want to create your own account you are more than welcome to use this link with my referral code, and I will get a bit of provision for your future earnings.

So, how do you add your music through RouteNote? It is done through four easy steps. Before you do anything at all you must create an account and then log in on their page.
When that is done, you go to the menu and select Distribution > Create new Release.

The first thing that you are asked to do is to add a UPC/EAN code and a title for your release. UPC means Universal Product Code, and EAN means European Article Number. In short, it’s a bar code. If you don’t submit a bar code, RouteNote will generate one for you.

When you get this far, it’s time for the four steps. You can do this in any order that you want. I will list them in numerical order here.

1. Album Details

Here you will supply the album details for your release. You write the name of the artist, the publisher, copyright information and so on. You may also add a specific date when you want the release to be made. This date has to be at least 4 weeks into the future, so that RouteNote will have time to make the release to all the selected stores.

If you don’t set a release date, they will release your songs as soon as possible to each store. This might mean that your album is available at iTunes two weeks before it reaches Spotify. I chose to release my song on August 10th. From what I’ve heard, if you don’t have a very good reason you should release your songs on a Friday. That is the unofficial release day for new songs on Spotify.

2. Add Audio

This is where you upload one or more songs. You are only allowed to upload MP3 songs, so I had to recode my high fidelity WAV-file that I received from Rexius Records to a 192 kbps mp3 song. If you choose to pay RouteNote to become a premium customer you my upload the song as a .flac file, with higher quality. Me, being cheap, chose to convert my song to mp3. I did this by importing the song into iTunes and convert it to another format.

When the files are uploaded you will get to a second stage of the upload where you add a bit more information for each of the songs. RouteNote are very kind and give you an ISRC code for free. This is where you have to be prepared with your own ISRC code. Otherwise, RouteNote will receive all the production payment for your music, which is paid to a different account than the artist account.

Do use your own ISRC code!

3. Album Artwork

Here you should upload the imagery that will be the cover of your album. It feels a bit strange to write cover, since my music probably never will be printed to a disc. I am a bit old fashioned.
The image should be in a high resolution and not be blurry. It should be your own photo, or at least not copyrighted by someone else. It shouldn’t contain pornographic motives and no web address. The format should be exactly 1425×1425 pixels.

4. Manage Stores

The last thing you should think about is in which store your song should appear. There are around 30 stores to choose from. iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Google Play, Napster and some that I’ve never even heard of. You are also given the opportunity to upload the song to Youtube as a video. The video itself will be a still image of the cover, as I understand it.

There is a checkbox with the text “Select all stores”. I clicked that box. Then I was given a choice if I wanted my music to be sold extra cheap or extra expensive in those stores. I went for normal pricing.


August 10th

Why did I choose August 10th? Well, on August 10th the Stockholm team AIK will meet the Göteborg team IFK in a soccer game. This game was bound to be played in the beginning of the summer. Luckily for me, this game was part of a bribery scandal, and the game was postponed for a couple of months. That gave me some time to finish my song!

I plan to contact the Swedish radio and ask them if they want to play my song before the game.

Maybe they want an interview with me as well? That would be fun!