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Started up my Marathon program

Now the marathon program for the Hella Marathon Nacht in Rostock, Germany on Autust 5th is started. If you want to get in shape for a marathon you are more than welcome to join me in my marathon program. It’s a program that will last for 10 weeks, and the first one is now completed.

This week I have ran 37 kilometers.

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Hella Marathon Nacht, Rostock 2017 – Here I come!

There are some things I would like to do before I die. Some things I just want to see – The Sydney opera house, the pyramids and the mountain city Petra to mention a few. Some things I would like to experience, like flying in a supersonic aircraft, own a Porsche and publish a book. Another thing on my bucket list is to run a marathon.

The returning reader of my blog may know that I already ran Médoc Marathon, but that competition was mostly about having fun and drinking wine. I would like to run a full marathon and feel the sensation of reaching the finish line after 4 hours of hard work. That’s why I have decided to run Hella Marathon Nacht in Rostock.


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Quick weight loss diet plan – 10 kg in 7 weeks

I’m finally done dieting! It took me 46 days – just below seven weeks – to loose 10 kilos.

Follow my quick weight loss diet plan and you will get the same results!

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Weight report week 6

Yet another week has passed of my diet. I’ve got a feeling that it’s harder and harder to be strict about my diet the closer I get to my goal. So far, I have managed to keep away from sugar. But I have to admit that I have downed a couple of beers during the week-end.

This week I’m going all in. The goal is to loose the remaining 1½ kg during this week.

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Weight loss during marathons – Live experiment

Today I have performed a marathon. That’s 42 kilometers. I didn’t run all of it, but the energy needed to move a body is about the same regardless of the speed. So, the question is. How big is the weight loss during marathons?

I have the answer!

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Weight Report Week 5

I’ve just concluded another week of my diet. To be completely honest, I haven’t been all that zealous this week. I mentioned in my first post about my ascetic diet that I don’t want to be too picky about what I eat when I’m invited to someone. Well, since this was Easter week, we were invited to friends and family no less than three nights in a row. Furthermore, an evil cold efficiently prevented me from performing my exercising duties.

Despite all this I actually convinced the scale to show some negative numbers!

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Weight Report week 4

Finally, the fully ascetic first month of my diet is over. Now, we move on to the second phase which is identical with the first one but with wine on the week-ends. Beer and Gin & Tonic will have wait for another time since it contains too much carbohydrates.

I have the goal in sight! Only three more kg’s remains until I have reached my target. Now I just have to keep my focus with all the Easter eggs out there.

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Weight report week 3

Wow, time flies! We have now passed three weeks of hard weight watching at my home and the digital numbers of my scale tells the tale. You’re going down, Mister!

The joy is grand in the Heedish home. But one part of the family is not singing quite as loud in the happiness choir. It’s my wife, Mrs Heed, who follows the same ascetic diet as I do but doesn’t get the same results.

Despite all demonstrating advocates of equality between the sexes out there, there are some differences between men and women. I agree on the point that the same work should generate the same salary and all that, but the male physics simply makes it easier for us to loose weight than for women. That’s because of genetics.
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Weight report week 2

Another week has come to an end. I have endured two horrible weeks without eating anything sweet nor drinking anything strong. I feel rather OK with skipping the Friday cake on work and the Saturday candy at home. The hard part is the Friday wine and the Saturday Gin and Tonic.

I will continue my labors for another two weeks to complete the dry month. After that I will reintroduce the Friday wine and the Saturday GT. Beer and other alcoholic beverages will have to way though, until the target is reached.

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Weight report week 1

The first healthy week of this year has come to an end. Here is the first weekly report of my progress.

I have exercised for 6 hours and 40 minutes during this week and lost 3.3 kg. What a start!

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