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Started up my Marathon program

Now the marathon program for the Hella Marathon Nacht in Rostock, Germany on Autust 5th is started. If you want to get in shape for a marathon you are more than welcome to join me in my marathon program. It’s a program that will last for 10 weeks, and the first one is now completed.

This week I have ran 37 kilometers.

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Hella Marathon Nacht, Rostock 2017 – Here I come!

There are some things I would like to do before I die. Some things I just want to see – The Sydney opera house, the pyramids and the mountain city Petra to mention a few. Some things I would like to experience, like flying in a supersonic aircraft, own a Porsche and publish a book. Another thing on my bucket list is to run a marathon.

The returning reader of my blog may know that I already ran Médoc Marathon, but that competition was mostly about having fun and drinking wine. I would like to run a full marathon and feel the sensation of reaching the finish line after 4 hours of hard work. That’s why I have decided to run Hella Marathon Nacht in Rostock.


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Weight loss during marathons – Live experiment

Today I have performed a marathon. That’s 42 kilometers. I didn’t run all of it, but the energy needed to move a body is about the same regardless of the speed. So, the question is. How big is the weight loss during marathons?

I have the answer!

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World Cup Cross Country Ulricehamn

Every year as december arrives I disappoint my children. That marks the start of the cross country world cup. This means that almost every Saturday and Sunday we have to watch TV between 10:00 and 15:00. Besides, this goes on and on until mid March.

Just to be clear – between March and December, my kids are happy to watch TV between 10:00 and 15:00. In those cases it’s some kind of children’s channel that is broadcast into our living room and “not those stupid skis again”. I can almost not think of anything better than reading the news paper in the morning with a cup of coffee and turning into the TV tableau and realize that there is cross country skiing on the television! Usually, I collect the cheese and the butter from the table and put it in the fridge, just to show the rest of the family that I contribute to the clean kitchen routine. Then I take my cup of coffee and sneak out into the TV in the living room and just enjoy myself.

Today the amazing thing happened. Today the world cup came to me! Here in Borås! Or rather, to Ulricehamn that is just thirty minutes away by car. The tickets were released by midsummer and I think that I was one of the first to click into their homepage to by tickets. Ulricehamn is the south-most city in Sweden ever to host the world cup and to be honest I didn’t think that it would actually take place. We don’t have much snow down here, really. But not only did it take place, it was a tremendous event in so many ways!

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Medoc Marathon 2016

Do you know someone who has run a marathon? I do! Me and my friend Fredrik just finished our first marathon.

How is it possible to run that far? 42 195 meters. 42 kilometers. What makes you continue to run after the first 10 kilometers? Would it make it easier for you if someone would serve you a glass of wine every two kilometers? – Yes. It helps.

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Medoc marathon 2016 – the bib is collected

Wow, what an adventure. At long last we have managed to get to the start/finish area of the Medoc marathon, in the small village of Pauillac an hour north of Bordeaux. We have collected our starting numbers and we have already tasted the local wine.

This morning I woke up back home in Borås, packed my bags, got beaten by my feverish 9-year-old son in Mario Cart and then went to Landvetter airport in good time before departure.

Once there, I am met by shock statement, if you will excuse the tabloid headline. The plane is delayed. It won’t leave at 11:55 as scheduled, but rather at 13:00. That means we have exactly minus fifteen minutes to change planes in Brussels.

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Marathon in two days!

It has been three weeks since I put up my great plan for the last minute training for my first marathon. I had planned to run almost every day – the days I was not running, I would bring my oldest son out and hunt down the Pokemon in the area.

The first day in the schedule, we did just that – we ran out with the Pokemon phone at the ready and threw poke-balls and had a great time, but then he became ill, and after that we have not been running together. Therefore, my 2km days are absent from the list.

Moreover, I had some soreness in the throat every now and then. My greatest fear!

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Marathon preparation

Oh my God, there is not much time left. All the while there has been so much time before marathon, but now I realize that there are only three weeks left to practice. It’s a bit funny that time is so relative. This takes me back to when I studied in college. I took a course, took it easy, went to class, had a bit of coffee, and every time I reached the day when I was struck by the realization. Cheezus, I will have to write an exam on everything that we’ve been talking about. The test is next week! I have to start studying.

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Löpa och läppja

Jaha, om man tränar inför ett maraton som går ut på att springa långt samtidigt som man dricker vin, hur lägger man upp träningen? Under våren har jag försökt att springa regelbundet för att få upp vanan, och under sommaren har jag lagt till några längre pass, upp till strax över två mil. Men så var det ju det här med vinet också. Hur kommer kroppen reagera på att springa när man har fått lite i sig?

Under Médoc maraton som jag ska springa i september kommer vi passera runt 50 vingårdar varav 20 bjuder på vin. Jag har sett lite bilder på vätskestationerna och förutom att jag med uppskattning noterar att vinet serveras i riktiga vinglas av glas, så uppskattar jag innehållet i glasen till kanske 5 cl vin.

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En till sak som finns på min bucket list, eller som det hette när man var liten – lista över saker man vill göra innan man dör, är att jag vill springa ett maraton. Det finns ju en hel del välrenommerade maraton runt om i världen. Aten, där allting började hade varit fräckt, liksom de fem stora London, New York, Berlin, Boston och Paris. Grejen är att jag är lite av en tävlingsmänniska och skulle jag springa någon av dessa skulle jag bygga upp målsättningar om tider, spontant tänker jag att under 4 timmar ska man väl ta sig runt.

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