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Midsummer run 2017

The midsummer run is arranged on midsummers eve every year by Axmarby IF. The race is held between the small villages of Gåsholma and Axmarby, which are laid out picturesquely by the shore of the Botnia Sea at the east coast of Sweden. Our participation in the Midsummer run 2017 was our third year in a row, so by now we can call it a tradition.
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Potato chips vs crispbread

Sometimes I get cravings for something to eat when the evening comes. If I have a bag of potato chips lying around in my cupboard it’s easy to fill up a bowl. I try to be a bit more healthy and therefor I have made a switch to crispbread with cheese instead, lately. To be honest, If I have a glass of red wine along with the snacks I almost prefer the crispbread before the chips.

But I’ve realized that I might not be that healthy after all, considering the amount of butter and cheese that I use. What is more healthy? Potato chips vs crispbread?

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The marathon training continues

Just a short note to prove that my marathon training continues.

This week I have ran 39 km.

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How to publish music on Spotify

Now my first song ever, Stockholm vs Göteborg is finally finished, and it’s almost time to let you listen to it. It’s really fun and exciting, but at the same time a bit strange and self-exposing that the whole world will take part of my creation. Well, here I am with a .wav-file with my song. How can I insert it into Spotify?

Is there a cost involved and to whom do I turn?

In this blog post I will try to find out what to do next. Come along!


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ColdZyme review

I wrote that I would come back with a review of ColdZyme, and here it is!
I bought two 20ml bottles of ColdZyme at the pharmacy at ~20$ each. My plan was that I would have one bottle at my job and the other one at home.

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