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Stockholm mot Göteborg Release

I’ve finally managed to deliver my song to RouteNote!

On August 10th, the hit song Stockholm mot Göteborg release will appear in a Spotify installation near you!
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Course in Mixing and Mastering at Studiohuset in Göteborg

This weekend I have taken a Course in Mixing and Mastering at Studiohuset in Göteborg. I have previously attended a course in London where I learnt the basics of Logic, but in that course we never got to the mixing part. In this course I learned all about mixing and mastering music during two days. The first part, the one about mixing, was good. But it was in the second part of the course where we spoke about mastering that I really learned something.

I will need to hire someone to do the mastering for me!

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Rexius Records Recording

I’ve just returned from my first recording of my first song ever. That’s a Rexius Records Recording from their music studio in Gårda, Göteborg. It was a day full of inspiration, lessons learned and coffee. I also finally got a label on my music style.

My song is categorized as “90’s disco with a Basshunter lead”.

I cannot see how this could possibly fail!?

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Time to hit the studio

Now I’ve done everything that I can on my own on my first song Stockholm vs Göteborg. It’s finally time to hit the studio!

As I wrote in my previous post where I picked between music studios, Rexius Records in Göteborg will get the honors to do my recordings. I am very exited. To record a song in a studio is something that I have dreamed about, and now it’s time!

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The art of choosing a music studio

I finally begin to get a good feeling listening to my song! The sounds that I have been hearing in my head are starting to pour out of the speakers. In a musical manner of speaking.

When you are making music you need a reference song. A reference song is a professionally mixed song that you pick out because it sounds like the one you’re currently working on. You add the reference song next to your own in the music editor and then you listen. First you listen to your song. Then you listen to the reference song. In the best of worlds the soundscape from the two should be about the same at the same volume.

I have tweaked equalizers and compressors all to long. Yet the sound of my song is not exactly like I want it. Well, here is the good part. There are actually people who work with this! I can pay some dude (or girl) to do my dirty job. And there seem to be a great number of studios in my vicinity.

Let’s investigate the art of choosing a recording studio!

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My first Swedish song is almost complete

My first song has reached its 4th iteration. I have worked with the lyrics for some time and for those who are wondering what I’m doing when I’m driving my car, I am not playing Pokémon Go. The time in my car is bound to perfecting the lyrics for my song. In truth, I’m nearly always singing something while I’m driving. At least when I’m alone in the car. Every now and then I check my phone so that I haven’t called somebody by accident. Imagine if you call an old girlfriend singing “I will always love you” for her by accident. That would be so bad in so many ways.

Well, version one of the lyrics are done. I am almost happy with it.

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Lecture with Peter Åstedt from Musichelp

Today I attended a lecture with Peter Åstedt who is an artist developer at Musichelp. I found out about the lecture just yesterday when I passed by “Brygghuset” in Borås. Brygghuset is a building that is available for young people in the city who needs a location for cultural gatherings like band practice, dancing or lectures. In their window, they had a big post of the event today. I walked into the building and asked them about the lecture and it was free and open for everyone.

The lecture took place today between 1 PM and 5 PM.
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Music Thursday – The start of STHLM vs GBG

New day, new rules. This is my first blog post that is written on my new MacBook Pro. I have been using Windows for the last 30 years – this will will be interesting. If you read this, I have succeeded.

This week my job situation made it better for me to work at home on the Thursday. I have spent this music Thursday creating the embryo of my first hit. It is called Stockholm vs Gothenburg, or STHLM vs GBG in short. Remember where you saw it first!

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My MacBook Pro music computer just arrived!

I’m all out of excuses. I have invested in a good synthesizer, the latest software and good studio monitors. Today the last piece of the puzzle was delivered to my front door by UPS. A brand new music computer – a MacBook Pro with a pre installed Logic Pro X.

This kind of equipment has never been available for a semi-serious home musician as myself before. If the end result of my productions sounds like crap, I know which component is failing. That’s me.

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Woohoo! Now I’m introducing my blog! Only seven years after it became fashionable to do blogging! I am certainly walking in the forefront.

What is this then, you wonder. What is the fool Tomas Heed doing? Well, let me tell you.

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