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Market research – what do other bloggers do?

Dear diary. I have been writing on my blog for almost one year now. Some of my readers follows me regularly, which is great! I also have a couple of readers each day that finds my site through Google, which is also appreciated. However, the number of readers are rather low and I wonder why. So, it’s time for a market research – what do other bloggers do?

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Search engine optimize yourself

My name is Tomas Heed and I have a blog that’s all about me. This would probably make me a narcissist, but wait. There is more! Sometimes I google my name.

I write on my blog in an expectancy that I will succeed in all the three areas where I aim – Writer, Musician and Entrepreneur. Since I haven’t done any progress in any of those areas thus far, it’s no wonder that my site isn’t that highly ranked on Google. But there is one thing that bothers me. I have created a blogg that is about me. The site has my name, All the texts are about me. Most of the images has my face on it. But still as I google my name, I only end up in seventh place! (Hey! In the English version I’m actually on row number three)

I have to get to the bottom with this to see if I can get to the top. Let’s try to find how you can search engine optimize yourself.


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My MacBook Pro music computer just arrived!

I’m all out of excuses. I have invested in a good synthesizer, the latest software and good studio monitors. Today the last piece of the puzzle was delivered to my front door by UPS. A brand new music computer – a MacBook Pro with a pre installed Logic Pro X.

This kind of equipment has never been available for a semi-serious home musician as myself before. If the end result of my productions sounds like crap, I know which component is failing. That’s me.

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Anyone for English?!

According to Wikipedia there are around 11 million people around the world who speaks Swedish.

That is not enough.

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