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Earn money online – Entrepreneur School

Welcome to the second part of my serie From business idea to app. In this episode we will talk about how to earn money online. I will look at some of the different ads services that are available on the market and compare them.

Come along!

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From business idea to app – Entrepreneur School

Every once in a while you will come up with an idea that is rather good. A business idea for a web page that might just be of interest to other people. Sometimes you have those grand plans that will challenge Facebook. Other times you think of a page that will show all the colors of the rainbow, just for the sake of it.

My problem is that I’m always waiting for that business idea. You know, the one that you complete in 2-3 weeks and then you’re sitting in the shade of a palm tree on some Caribbean island. In one hand, a Piña Colada that an unknown force of nature keeps filled up to the brim, and with the other hand you’re refreshing the bank account on your cell phone and the display is just filling up with digits.

The thing is, that when that great idea arrives I will be totally unprepared. I will not know what to do. That is why I will do a fire drill with you to prepare for that idea. Let’s go through what we need to do to go from business idea to app. Come along!

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